Adopted by One direction

One direction adopt a ten year old girl


19. Alberto's birthday

Today is Albreto's birthday

He is turning one

The boys are awake getting every thing ready

I had to wake up Albreto 

I woke him up

He didn't cry

I went into my bathroom

And bathed him

And put him in a black polo

That said Dylan's boy at the top

Yup I bought him that

And I put some white jeans on him

And the side it said 1ds son

I put some high tops on him

Now my turn to get ready

I chose a black and white dress

To match him

And some white flats

And a white flower in my hair

I got out my 1d earrings

And put them on

I put Albreto's stud on his ear

I didn't choose for him to get his ear ppierced 

The boys did

I gave Al(his nickname) a kiss on the head

I showed Darcy what I was wearing and she was wearing the exact same thing

We walked downstairs


the boys yelled

Al started clapping his hands

Louis wanted to pick him up

So I gave him Al

And Al started crying

I started ROLFing 

So Louis thought Albreto wouldn't notice that if Darcy held him that he would think it was me

When he gave him to Darcy 

He cried even harder

When I held him

He stopped

"that's what you get for not hanging out with him" I said

I stood him on the floor

And to my surprise he.....he......



I yelled

Yup I call him my son

I picked him up

And went to the pool

Louis came from behind and tried to push me in


If he knew me

When his hand touched my shoulder i grabbed it

And spun him into the pool

And I walked back inside

To my surprise

Guess who was there.......


KISSING DARCY!!!!!!!!!!!

I ran into out the door with Albreto still in hand

And ran to the park

And put Al in the baby swings and pushed him

Then the boys came

I snatched Al out of the swing and hid behind a tree

The boys came

And saw my eyes red and puffy 

They asked what happen

I told them the whole story

They were pissed

At Darcy and dylan 

Then Darcy came.....

Holding Dylan's hand

I told Harry to hold Al

And i walked to Darcy 

"oh and but the way DARCY your not mys sister anymore"

I grabbed Al

And ran home

I took all the pictures of me and Darcy 

And ripped Darcy out of them

And threw them out the window

I got out my laptop and on followed darcy

On Facebook unfriend her

I did everything to delet her out of my life

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