Pain and Love

Ellie Williamson is the school joke.Her mother is an alcaholic who leaves her alone every day, and her father is a drug addit who has been in prison a lot. But when teacher Miss Clark helps her by taking her to an all girls Home, will everything finally be okay? An when heart throb band One Direction visit them, will he fall for one of the mysterious boys?
[Yellow] - mature content


12. Twelve

-8 weeks later-


"Man, I'm starving. And I'm craving hot chocolate with marshmallows and chocolate ice cream. Lou Lou?" I batted my eyelashes at Louis, and he laughed and went to get me food. Since I found out I was pregnant, Louis and I have gotten closer. hes much more loving and caring, and luckily hes better now. I seem to be getting a very big bump though, but I'm not nervous. And Louis said if it takes 15-20 daughters to have 1 son, he will. That's why I sort of hope this one is a boy...   Louis came through with a mug of hot chocolate and ice cream.   "Thank-you baby." I said as he passed them to me. I pecked him on the lips, and he sat beside me.  "So, what should we call him or her." Louis ask, rubbing my huge belly.  "For a girl, it will start with E, and for a boy it will start with L." Louis nodded, and thought for a moment.  "How about Leo or Ella?"   "Those are nice names. My gran was called Ella." I said thinking about Grammy Ella. I called her Grammy, because I couldn't pronounce my N's properly, and it stuck.   "So will those be the names then?" I nodded, and gulped back my hot chocolate and ice cream.  "So when are we going to tell everyone? Like the press and the boys? Molly, Dani and Perrie know because they were there when I tested."    "We could tell the boys tomorrow, and the boys and I have an interview the day after on Daybreak. We could tell them then."   "Okay baby." I kissed Louis again, then cuddled beside him watching repeats of iCarly.


-The next day-


"So why'd you call everyone over?" Niall asked. Lou and I had called everyone over so we could tell them about the pregnancy.  "And no offence Ellie, but your stomach is getting a little big from the HUGE MASSIVE portions you've been eating. There has GOT to be a lot of food in there!" Harry said. I laughed a little.  "Harry, think before you speak. And no, there isn't a lot of food in here. There's actually a baby in here." Everyone looked at us for a moment, mouths wide open. As I always do, I went over and shut them. Then the boys jumped up and started screaming, jumping on Louis and hugging me.   "Girls, why aren't you excited?" Zayn asked the girls.   "We knew." Molly said proudly.   "Mols, I hate you." Niall walked over to Molly.   "I love you too Ni." Molly kissed Niall, and it turned into more than that.   "Please, no PDA in this house!" I screamed. Then laughed.   "So, names?" Dani asked. Dani was always interested in names for babies.   "Well we decided on Ella for a girl, and Leo for a boy." Louis said like a proud father. "Aw, Lou your going to be a great daddy!" I kissed him on the cheek.  "Well, I am the sassmaster from Doncaster." He laughed.


-The interview- 


"So Louis. A little birdie told me you and your girlfriend Ellie have some exciting news!" Lorraine - who was hosting Daybreak - said.  "Is she here with you?" She asked Louis. My heart started racing. People would guess straight away I'm pregnant, because of my belly.   "Yes she is." Louis said. Lorraine said to bring me out, so a microphone was clipped to my blouse and I was told to go sit beside Louis. I did that, and Louis gave me a kiss as I sat down.  "You two are just an amazing couple! Hiya Ellie, how you doing?" Lorraine asked.  "I'm great, thank-you."   "So, whats this news then? But I think I can already tell." I looked at Louis.  "Well, we're going to be parents!" Louis proudly shouted. Lorraine clapped her hands.  "Aw, congratulations! Have you decided on names?"   "Yes, for a girl it will be Ella, and for a boy it will be Leo." I told her. After the show we talked to Lorraine for a little while until she had to go back on air. Louis and I walked hand in hand outside, where we were greeting by paparazzi. They were asking us all sorts of questions.  "Just ignore them." Louis whispered.   "Ellie, we heard you are expecting. Was this planned?" One reporter shouted. Microphones and cameras were being shoved in our faces. Luckily we reached Louis black Porsche, and he tried to drive off but paparazzi were standing in front of his car. He beeped 10 times at them, and finally managed to drive off.

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