Pain and Love

Ellie Williamson is the school joke.Her mother is an alcaholic who leaves her alone every day, and her father is a drug addit who has been in prison a lot. But when teacher Miss Clark helps her by taking her to an all girls Home, will everything finally be okay? An when heart throb band One Direction visit them, will he fall for one of the mysterious boys?
[Yellow] - mature content


3. Three

When we got back, I put my stuff  in the sitting room with everyone elses and went to Molly, Sandra and I's room. She had a table set up with loads of crazy colours of hair dye.  "Hey Ellie. How would you feel about dying your hair?"  Molly asked. I looked at them, then started laughing.  "Very funny, theres no way your allowed to dye my hair!"    "Amy said we could, if you wanted to. And we can style it. Don't worry, Evie is a professional hair dresser. She learned it from her family before they died. And she works part time at Aurora, you know the hairdressers next to Next?"  I nodded my head. Maybe I should dye my hair, my red doesnt look very good anyway.  "Fine I'll dye my hair. But I don't want it styled, maybe just a side fringe and some layers."  Molly sat me down in the chair and Evie started to do my hair. Molly had basically a hairdressers in her room! Evie washed my hair and left it wet. She cut in layers and cut in a side fringe. After that she asked me what colour I wanted to dye it. I looked at the colours on the table. Light pink, dark pink, blue, black, brown, blonde...  I decided on light blue, with dark blue tips. My hair was quite long, it went just past my boobs. After about an hour, my hair was finally done. Evie spun round the chair, and I looked in the mirror. It looked really good.  "Thank-you so much Evie, its amazing!" I hugged her, then saw that Molly was on my phone. I frowned at her.  "Oh, I was just setting it up. I put in everyones numbers, and I put in your number too. Here you go! Now how would you like your nails done and a make-over?" I smiled at the girls.  "You know, it sounds kind of sad, but no one has ever been as nice as you three." I looked at the ground. Sandra, Evie and Molly all came over and hugged me.  "Its okay. Your a great girl, and your our best friend."  I nearly cried when Molly said that, So this is what its like to have friends. I really liked it.


After another hour, Sandra had finished doing my nails and Molly my make-up. Molly put on nearly all of the make-up I had bought today, and it looked great. Sandra had done my nails turquoise and put on white tips.  "Thanks you guys. I love you's!" We all hugged again, and went downstairs. Everyone was watching a movie on the TV, but when I came downstairs they were distracted.  "OMG, Ellie! You look amazing! I love you hair!" Leah said. I smiled at the compliments I was getting. I sat down with Sandra and Molly, and Evie went to get snacks. Rae was flicking through channels, and stopped when she get to The Alan Carr Show.  "ONE DIRECTION ARE ON THE ALAN CARR SHOW!!!!!" She screamed. She turned it on, and there was One Direction. Rae tuned in just in time...  "So, Liam, do you have a girlfriend?" Alan asked Liam.  "Yes, I am still dating Danielle Peazer, te love of my life."  The audiance 'Awww'ed, but Leah had a fit. I guess she liked Liam.   "Harry?" He asked.  "No, but I'm looking for the right girl."  Sandra clapped her hands. I gues she liked him.  "Niall?" Niall looked down.  "No. But when we visited the Home yesterday, I met a girl called Molly. I didn't tell her, but I really like her and hope I can see her again." I looked at Molly who was sitting with her mouth open.  "Zayn the Pain?" Zayn laughed. "Ha, I'm still with Perrie from Little Mix. And its going well."   "And lastly, Louis. I hear you and Eleanor broke up. Have you found another girl, because it has been 3 months, and there are a lot of girls out there." Alan asked Louis. My heart started pounding.  "I met a girl called Ellie at the Home, and I really like her."  Molly turned to me.  "Ellie. Thats you." She said. I nodded.  "OMG, you could date Louis and I could date Niall, EEKK!" She hugged me.

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