Pain and Love

Ellie Williamson is the school joke.Her mother is an alcaholic who leaves her alone every day, and her father is a drug addit who has been in prison a lot. But when teacher Miss Clark helps her by taking her to an all girls Home, will everything finally be okay? An when heart throb band One Direction visit them, will he fall for one of the mysterious boys?
[Yellow] - mature content


6. Six

(A few hours later)


Louis and I were upstairs cuddling in his bed, when he got a text.  "Everyones watching a movie downstairs. Wanna go too?" Louis asked. I nodded, and we walked hand in hand to the screen room. It was just like a cinema, there was even a popcorn machine and a drinks machine! Louis got us popcorn and soda, and we sat down in the middle row seats next to Molly and Niall. Louis had brought down a duvet, so we cuddled under that.  "What movie is it?" I asked.  "I don't know." Louis replied. Suddenly, the huge IMAX screen came on. It turned out we were watching all of the movies in Paranormal Activity. I didn't want to act scared in front of Louis, but when a really scary part came on I jumped and buried into Louis' chest. He laughed and wrapped his arms round me.   "Sorry, I didn't realise it was a scary movie." He said.  "Its okay. Just, keep me safe tonight."   "I will." He kissed my forehead and we continued to watch the movies.


When the credits came up for the last movie, I jumped up.  "YES!" I screamed. Everyone laughed at how my reaction was. Louis and I walked to his room, which was on the other side from everyone elses.  "Why does your room have to be so far away?" I moaned.  "So that I can make you scream loud." Louis whispered. I hit his arm.  "Louis!"  He picked me up bridal style and ran to his room. He threw me on the bed once again, and sat cross legged next to me. I pulled myself up and straddled on top of him.  "Still not ready yet Lou." I laughed. It was so fun teasing him.  "I knew it. Your good at teasing Ellie Williamson." We laughed and got into bed, Louis wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to him. He kissed my cheek, and we went to sleep. But before we dozed off, I heard Louis say, "I'll protect you tonight."

(The next morning)


I woke up, in the exact same position I fell asleep in last night. It was bright outside, hence it being June. I didn't want to wake up Lou, so I lay there for a little while. Then he woke up.  "Happy birthday babe." He said. I looked at the clock beside me. It was June 27th, my birthday. I smiled and got up, kissing Louis then going for a shower. After my long shower, I blow dried my hair. Do i have to tell you my waves came back in? I wrapped my towel around me and walked to the huge wardrobe room where Louis had kindly put my clothes. After much consideration, I decided to wear my baby blue jeans, blue blouse with flowers on it and a pair of blue heels. I really love blue by the way. I walked downstairs, but no one was there. I walked into the kitchen, no one was there either.  "Guys? Come on don;t scare me." I shouted. No answer. I walked down the hallway and as I passed the closet a hand reached out and pulled me in. I screamed, but whoever it was put their finger over my lips. They came close to my ear.   "Told you I can make you scream loud." Louis... I hit his arm and turned the light on.  "Louis!How dare you!I was terrified!"  "I got you a present." He handed me a small blue box. I smiled and opened it up. Inside was a diamond ring.  "Its a promise ring. One day I'll marry you. But only when your ready. And I also promise I'll love you forever and never do anything that would hurt you." I started crying, and Louis hugged me. He kissed away the tears, and we walked to the sitting room. Everyone was there.  "Sure now your here!" I shouted. The girls - Perrie, Dani and Molly - came up to me. "We are going birthday shopping for you." Perrie said.  "Sorry, Louis didn't tell us it was your birthday till last night. So the girls are going to get you stuff from them and from us." Zayn said.  "But I rememebred, because I'm your awesome BFF!" Molly handed me a box. It was thin and shaped like a square wrapped in blue wrapping paper with a blue bow. I opened it and there was a HUGE HUGE HUGE box of eyeshadow.  "Thank-you thank-you thank-you!" I hugged Molly. Louis came over and gave me his credit card.  "Theres £4000 on there. Treat yourself, its a present for you." I smiled and hugged Louis. The girls and I got into the car and drove to the mall.

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