Pain and Love

Ellie Williamson is the school joke.Her mother is an alcaholic who leaves her alone every day, and her father is a drug addit who has been in prison a lot. But when teacher Miss Clark helps her by taking her to an all girls Home, will everything finally be okay? An when heart throb band One Direction visit them, will he fall for one of the mysterious boys?
[Yellow] - mature content


7. Seven

We arrived at the mall and we walked in together.  "Do you guys want to stop at Starbucks before we start? We might need a boost for all the shopping we need to do!" Dani asked.  "I haven;t had breakfast, so that sounds good!" I laughed. We walked into Starbucks and ordered our stuff. I ordered a coffee this time, with a packet of brekfast biscuts. Molly got her usual, and Perrie ordered the same as me whilst Dani only got a diet Coke. After we had finished we began shopping.  "Okay, Dani and I will get the stuff for you, and you and Molly can just get whatever!" Perrie said. Molly and I decided to go to JD sports to get snapbacks. I bought a red one that had a white NY on it, a blue one that i got made to say my name in white, and a red, black and blue one that said OBEY. Then we went to Schuch, and I got a pair of light pink UGGs, baby blue UGGs, dark blue Vans and red Vans.Then we went to French Connection and I got a baby blue dress that was strapless and went down a bit past my butt and it had gold buttons on the top. I also bought blue heels to match, and I bought a pair of white skinny jeans, bkack skinny jeans, brown skinny jeans and pink skinny jeans. We went to a few more shops then met Dani and Perrie back at Starbucks.  "Now thats how you shop girl! How much did it all cost?" Perrie asked.  "£900. But most of that was for this AMAZING dress I bought." I was a little shocked at the total, but when your boyfriend has a lot of money and tells you that you can spend some of it, no worries!  "You bought a dress? Great! Wear it tonight." Perrie began walking to the car, so we all followed.


Dani opened the door and when we got to the kitchen where the boys were Perrie screamed, "She spent £900!" Harry fell off his chair.  "I didn't even spend that much on a car!" He said.  "Thats 'cause you got it for free, 'cause your Harry Styles." Liam reminded him.  "Who spent £900?" Niall asked. The girls immediantly looked at me, and I started giggling.  "Can anyone keep a secret? Ha jokes, you would of found out anyway. Plus most of it was spent on this AMAZING dress. Its blue." I said.  "Show us." Louis said. I digged through a few bags and found it.  "OMG where did you get that?" Perrie asked.  "French Connection, They have it in black, pink, white, purple and green too." I told her.  "How much?" Molly asked.  "£290. Bargain, eh?" I laughed.  "Come on Dani, we're getting that dress in purple and black. Molly, we'll get you pink and white, and Ellie don't want to ruin a surprise but we got you the green one." Perrie dragged Dani out the door. I gave Louis his credit card back. "Ooft, its hot with the amount of times its been in the card things!" Louis said. I laughed and hit his arm, then Molly and I went to unpack.


A few hours later I was opening my present from everyone. Zayn passed me a blue bag.  "Blue!!" I screamed. I looked inside, and there was a pair of blue TOMs, blue socks, a blue and white phone case, and a box of light blue hair dye and light blue hair dye.  "Hair dye?" I asked.  "Yeah, your red is begining to show through." Zayn said.  "Actually, I'm thinking of going another colour. Maybe purple."   "So will purple be your new colour craze?" Louis asked.  "No, it'll always be blue." I laughed. I hugged Zayn and then Harry passed me a blue bag. Inside was a pack of blue kirby grips, another blue phone case, and two shades of blue nail varnish.  "There should be one more thing in there." Harry said. I looked in the bag and took out a box of... pregnancy tests. I threw them at Harry.  "Thanks a bunch Harry. But that hasn't happened yet."  Everyone - except Louis - went "Ooooohhh!"  "Louis not getting any action!" Zayn laughed.  "Shut up." Louis said coldly. Everyone backed off then. I thanked Harry for the presents, and then opened the rest.


"Ellie! You need to get ready!" Perrie shouted.  "Why?" I asked curiously.  "I don't know! Wear your blue dress though, we want to see what you look like in it!" I smiled then went to get changed. I put on the dress. It felt like it was made for me. I slipped on the heels and touched up my hair and make-up, then walked over to the full length mirror. I looked beautiful. I slowly walked downstairs, and Louis was dressed in a suit waiting for me. He smiled when he saw me.  "Why you all dressed up?" I asked kissing him, then wiping his lip because some of my red lipstick went onto him.  "We're all going out." Louis took my hand and we walked into the sitting room. All the boys were wearing suits, and Dani was wearing the same dress as me but in white, Perrie's was in purple, and Molly was in pink.  Everyone looked great. And us girls had maching bags to our dresses. I grabbed my blue one from Perrie and we walked out to the tour bus.  "Why are we going on the tour bus?" I asked Louis.  "Did you realise all your clothes weren't in the wardrobe?" Louis said. I frowned then nodded.  "Your coming to America with us! Amy is letting you, don't worry. Molly knew. After dinner we're leaving."  I hugged Louis and kissed him, once again wiping lip stick off his lips.

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