Pain and Love

Ellie Williamson is the school joke.Her mother is an alcaholic who leaves her alone every day, and her father is a drug addit who has been in prison a lot. But when teacher Miss Clark helps her by taking her to an all girls Home, will everything finally be okay? An when heart throb band One Direction visit them, will he fall for one of the mysterious boys?
[Yellow] - mature content


5. Five

(2 weeks later)


*phone rings loudly*  I have no idea what time it is, but my phone started ringing. I didn't want to get it, put I walked over to the dresser and answered.  "Hello?" I mumbled.  "Hey babe." I immediantly perked up when I hear Louis' voice.  "Hey! Now why you calling so late?" I laughed.  "I needed to hear your voice. I haven't seen you all week since we've been in Glasgow and Edinburgh." Oh yeah, Louis and I are officially boyfriend and girlfriend.  "Are you still there now?" I asked.   "Well, er, sorta, eh, bye." He hung up. Did he seriously hang up!? What could this mean. There was a knock on the door. Since I was awake I decided to answer it. I walked down to the blue door and opened it. There was Louis. He smiled. "Lou!" I jumped on him and wrapped my legs around his waist.  "Hey Ell. I missed you too." I kissed him, and he put me down.  "Go get ready, I got permission from Amy to take you to mine for two weeks." I smiled. I pulled him in and ran upstairs to get ready. I woke up Molly and Sandra.  "Louis here, he got permission from Amy to take me to his for two weeks!" I whispered. I didn't want to wake anyone else up.   "We'll go downstairs and keep him company." They walked downstairs, turning the light on as they left. I brushed my blue hair, and put it up in a messy bun. My side fringe dangled down, so i put it up with a curby grip. I put on my usual make-up, and then put on a new outfit I had bought - My blue and black  tartan button up top, black jeans and blue TOMs- Just then Molly came out of the bathroom fully dressed.  "I get to go to! To see Niall obviously. Yay!" She hugged me and we walked downstairs. Niall was suddenly there too.  "See you later Sandra." We both hugged her, and walked out with our boys.


Louis grabbed my hand and kissed it. I smiled.  "I love it when you smile." He said.  "Maybe I should smile more often."   "And I love your sleepy voice." He kissed my cheek.  "Maybe I should do it more often." Louis smiled and we all got into the now green 4x4. I sat in the front with Louis and Niall and Molly sat in the back. We drove for about half an hour, and Louis was constantly telling me I'm beautiful, I have a great laugh, just being him! I really love Louis, and I couldn't deny it. Louis pulled up to a huge mansion. He spoke into the voice thingy  "Its Louis. Let me in!" A deep voice answered-  "Louis who?How do I know your not a fake?"  "Harry, stop being a dick and let me in."  The gates opened, and Louis drove in.


We were greeted at the door by Liam, Zayn,  Harry and 2 other girls who looked pretty familiar. I think it was Danielle and Perrie. We walked in and suddenly all the boys jumped on me.  "Ahh!" I screamed as they pushed me to the ground. I started laughing when Harry -who was dressed as a police officer- hand cuffed me.  "Mam, your under arrest for loving Louis too much."  He pulled me up.  "Loving my boyfriend is a crime? Some laws can be shit." I laughed. uddenly Harry was tackled to the ground, and Niall undid the cuffs. I saw Harry and Louis messing about on the floor. The two girls came over to me.  "Hi, I'm Perrie," The girl with blue eyes and pink hair said.  "I'm Dani." The brown haired one said.  "I'm Ellie." Said the one- wait, thats me! Louis jumped up, and threw me over his shoulder. I laughed as he ran upstairs, then threw me onto a bed. He jumped on beside me, and I laighed even more when he pulled me ontop of him.  "Louis, I don't think I'm ready yet though." He smiled.  "Thats okay, I won't push you to do anything with me because I love you." I smiled and kissed him.

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