Searching (Book 1-IAWICTB)

I am nothing. I am just a cardboard cut out. I am worthless. This is my story. The story of someone proving me just how wrong I was.



6. January 6

Dear Diary,                                                                                                            January 6 th


                   Last night I cut myself for running away scared, upset, I should have faced her. Stood up for myself. Instead I cried. I cried just like that baby so many people think I am. To prove, even to myself, that I wasn't scared, I went back to school today and pretend it never happened. That was until Peter came over to me.


                  He sounded sincere when he said he had been worried about me yesterday, but how could he when he had heard what Beth had said. Gulping now, I remember how dry my throat felt when I asked him. 


From Rebbaka


Yo Journal



                      She asked me about what that b***h had said before bursting into tears. Now I know why she left yesterday and didnt want me to see her. She must have thought I hated her. How could I hate her though when I love her with my whole heart. So I held her in my arms as she cried. If she had come into my arms willingly I would have been happy. However cuz she wasnt I was so angry I wanted to hit Beth and teach her a lesson she would never forget.


                     Why do I care so much about Rebbaka anyway?




Dear Diary continued,                                                                                               January 6 th


                 When I asked him if he believed what Beth had told him.


                 I couldn't help but cry. Being held so gently made me feel safe and made me trust him even more, and know that he was telling the truth when he said he didn't believe a word she said. I should cut myself again  for following into his trap. I mean, what else could it be?


From Rebbaka

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