Searching (Book 1-IAWICTB)

I am nothing. I am just a cardboard cut out. I am worthless. This is my story. The story of someone proving me just how wrong I was.



21. January 21

Yo Journal



                 I walked up to John today and I called him a bastard. He shoved me backwards with one hand while with the other he gripped Rebbaka tighter. She gasped in pain almost as if he was pressing against a bruise. Not knowing what happens between them that could actually be true. Spitting in his face I told him, that we'd talk behind the bins at the end of school. When I told him talk I mean't with our fist. He understood that and so did everyone listening in by the time school was over there was a large group of students around the bins. Move out of my way I told them, when they saw who I was they let me though.



That kid has nerves telling me were going to have a fight.


John aka  the Master


Unknown entry

Peter started a fight with  John. This time John got  punched first but he quickly punches back. This fight is much more serious then the other one. They both know whats at stake, Rebbaka. Who ever wins gets her whoever loses is dirt and basically has to leave. The fight was broken up by a teacher who over heard to watched shouting fight, fight, fight! So a deal was made to come back at mid-night and finish the once and for all.

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