Searching (Book 1-IAWICTB)

I am nothing. I am just a cardboard cut out. I am worthless. This is my story. The story of someone proving me just how wrong I was.



20. January 20

Yo Journal



                 Today, I saw it myself. I don't just mean a nightmare. Walking down the corridor and I saw them. He looked into my eyes then whispered something into her ear. Then she kissed him. Kissed him! What ever happened to me. When I opened my locker her diary was there almost as if he had put it there and now he was teasing me. Right now it's sitting opened on the last entries page.

Dear Diary,                                                                                                         January 19th


                     Sorry that my handwriting is a mess. This is the first time Master John has let me out of his sight. Peter if your reading this don't come and help me. I'm used to it, well as used to it as you can be. However I won't tell you what I suffer as that won't help. Just remember I love you. I always will.


From Rebbaka

Oh "Master John" was gonna pay for what ever he has done to her to make her handwriting a mess, to make her used to this pain, to making her used to suffering. Of course I won't forget she loves me and thats why I'm going to have to help her no matter what he does to me.




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