Searching (Book 1-IAWICTB)

I am nothing. I am just a cardboard cut out. I am worthless. This is my story. The story of someone proving me just how wrong I was.



2. January 2

Dear Diary,                                                                                                             January 2nd


                  Why do I let myself fall for him? I know its got to end badly based on the rest of my life. Why would he even care anyway, no-one does? He's just acting. He wants to say he made me cry, along with every other guy in this dump. So what if I tripped and helped me up, he just hasn't heard the stories yet. He wont stay nice for long. Just you wait and see. Wait for him to come and hurt me like everyone else. I have to stop loving him before he does. 


               Listen to me. How could I know I love him, today was the first day I had even seen him before. I'm pathetic. For that I'll make a cut. Not a big one. Only about 2 inches down my arm. It's not like anyone will notice. Besides I need the cut. It will be a lesson for me not to be so stupid over a guy again.  


From Rebbaka.

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