Searching (Book 1-IAWICTB)

I am nothing. I am just a cardboard cut out. I am worthless. This is my story. The story of someone proving me just how wrong I was.



15. January 15

Unknown entry

Peter started a fight with the new kid today, John I think he's called. John punched first but Peter was quick to return fire. A broken nose was caused by a now bruised fist, in return of a broken nose a black eye was given. Who got which you will have to find out when they are aloud to be seen again. Right now they can't even tell you themselves because they have no paper at the school's hospital for them to right an entry to their diary or whatever they wish to call it. Rebbaka is becoming increasingly worried about what has happened to them both as she hasn't seen either of them.


Dear Diary,                                                                                                         January 15th


                  I heard about the fight between Peter and John. I hope he's alright, Peter that is.  Well I'm also worried about John. Not in that way, but if he's been hurt, badly, I'll be the blame for it. The one to suffer for it even though it had nothing to do with me. Did it?


From Rebbaka


Unknown entry

Rebbaka was wrong. 

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