The new kid

Liv was 17 and she was the new kid around. She was afraid of going to school because what would people here think of her. But when she sees the quiet, mysterious boy that nobody even knows his name she gets curious. Read it to find out what happens


3. The walk

          *that night*

I stared out my window cause i really couldnt sleep i just had to have time for everything to process through my mind. As i looked out my window i decided i just needed to take a walk i looked at my clock it was only 8:26 i bet my mum would let me go for a walk. As i got downstairs i asked my mum " mum can i take a walk around the neighborhood? Please?" " sure just b back by 10:00" she said " k thanks" and i walked out  the door. I didn't know where i was going but i just have to find somewhere to think. As i was walking i found a park bench so i decided to sit on it. Thats when everything ran throught my mind. Why did he save me? Why do his eyes change color? Why does he seem nice at some points then mean at others? I looked up and saw a black figure walking towards me. I got scared. As the figure got closer i reconised it. It was stranger. " what r u doing here?" He asked "i just came for a walk. What r u doing here?" I said " well i had to get out of my house for a little while" " oh " i answered. " so why did u need to get out of your house?" " thats not your busness thats mine" he said in a harsh tone. I got a little angry why was he doing this every time i ask him something he rejects it. " ok i dont know what ur problem is but why do u keep on rejecting my questions!!! Cause its getting pretty annoying!! I just wanted to make a conversation with u and yet u just sit there and reject all of my questions!!!" I got up and started to walk away when i felt him grab my wrist and pull me back towards him. He pulled me into his grasp put his hands on my face and kissed me. But i kissed back as our lips moved with eachothers i felt sparks fly. But he pulled away. " i have to go" he said but this time as he walked away i grabbed his wrist. " ur not walking away this time stranger" he gave me a smirk. I sat down in the bench. " so r u gonna ask me questions again? " he smiled " yes but r u gonna answer them?" I asked " as long as i get to ask u them first" he said " fine" I replied. " so how old r u?" He asked " i'm 17 i turn 18 this coming sunday. How old r u?" I asked " i'm 19 he said i stayed back a grade" " o" i answered. I shivered i didn't notice that i was wearing a tanktop in 38 degree weather. " o u look cold here take my jacket" he said " no i'm fine " i stated " no seriously ur wearing just a tanktop ur freezing" he took off his jacket and put it over my shoulders i slid my arms in and it was like five times bigger than me. I laughed a little bit. " what?" He asked " nothing it just that its five times bigger than me" i gigled he laughed a bit too. " so ur british?" I asked " ya" he replied. " cool " i replied. I looked at my phone. It was 9:46 i had to go home now cause it takes me a few minutes to get there. " i have to go" i said " i will walk u home " he said "considering u live across from me " he said well i guess he did notice me. On the walk home i had to ask just one more question. " stranger can i ask u one more question?" I asked " sure " he said " whats ur name?" I could tell by his expression he knew i was gonna ask that. " my name is harry. Harry styles. Whats urs?" He asked me " olivia but call me liv" " ok i will " he said " well harry looks like i have to go now bye" " bye wait " he said " yes " i said as i turned around. He leaned in i knew what he was going to do so i leaned in too. And we kissed. The same sparks flew. It was amazing. " sorry i wouldnt be able to live the night without doing that just one more time." He said " bye liv" he said " bye harry" and with that i walked into my house and went strait in to bed. And just layed there with a big smile on my face and fell asleep the same way.

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