The new kid

Liv was 17 and she was the new kid around. She was afraid of going to school because what would people here think of her. But when she sees the quiet, mysterious boy that nobody even knows his name she gets curious. Read it to find out what happens


2. Stranger

It was the end of the day and i said goodbye to kasey and was getting stuff out of my locker " hey beautiful like to come ober my house for some fun" i turned around to see one of the itiot boys that are just players frim what kasey said " ew dued get away from me" " i dont think so " he pushed me up against my locker and started kissing me i started screaming " HEY GET AWAY FROM HER!!!" A deep british accent called out. It was the mysterious boy. He pushed the itiot boy away from me. " GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!" He yelled at the boy. I was in shock they said he never talked why was he talking now. " are you ok?" He asked me. " uh.. Ya i'm fine" " ok" he said softly i looked into his light green mesmerizing eyes. Then he looked away. " i have to go" he said and with that he disapeared. I was still in shock i cant believe he actually talked . 


*the next day at lunch* 

I walked right past the table kasey sat at " where r u going?" She asked " no where" i said keeping my eyes foward. I smiled to myself as i knew what i was doing. " hi " i said as i sat at his table. " what r u doing?" He asked with a cruel tone and expression but i just ignored that. " well i'm sitting here. Do u have a problem with that?" I asked with a smirk "um yes i do" he said. " to bad cause i'm sitting here" i said he rolled his dark green eyes the last time i saw those they were light green. " so whats ur name?" I asked him. He gave me an expression as if he said did u just ask that. " um well u dont need to know that" he said " o so am i gonna have to call u stranger?" I asked he smirked " sure " " so stranger how old r u?" I asked " how old r u?" He asked " i asked first" he rolled eyes and then the bell rang. Damn it i thought to myself " bye " he said and walked away quickly. I got up and looked around everyone was staring at me as if i had killed somebody. I rolled my eyes and walked out of the cafeteria with a big smile on my face.


I got home to my little brother playing soccer in the front yard " hey liv wanna play?" He asked me " sure Adian" i said i through my bag on the ground and started playing. After a few games " i'm going inside " my brother said i sat on the steps and watched the cars go by. And one impeticular caught my eye i looked in the drivers seat through the window and sitting there was stranger and he was pulling into the driveway across from mine. I didn't know he lived across from me. I quickly got my bag and ran inside hoping he didn't notice. 




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