I kill to make them safe

Hey I'm Mia! I am 18 and work at a pub sometimes I sing for the people. I won't spole my story but I meet five boys! Did I forget something oh yeah I like to kill!


1. The girl

I walked down the back lane. I  see some dude bent over a girl whos on the fall. She's crying. I can heard him shout. "Stop crying or I'll shoot you! You've got a minute!" He screamed. I went behide him. Hiting him in the head he falls back. I grab his gun. Poniting it at him. "Ohh go on then shoot me!" He yelled. I did. Everything went blank. I bent down to the girl.

"You alright? Did he hurt you?" She shook her head. "I wont hurt you." She looked at the gun in my hand. I sighed. "I'm not putting the gun down, I theres one of him there is always more." She looked at me. "I'm Mia."

"I'm Eleanor." I stood up, and so did she. "Can I go and get my boyfriend?" I nodded.

"I'll come with." She smiled. We walked into the pub.

"Hey mia!" Someone shouted. "That your dead body?"

"Yep. He tryed to kill my friend."

"Since when do you have friends?" I laughed. It was funny. Dave knows me like a best friend, but we don't call each oter friends. Me and Eleanor got to a group of five boys. Eleanor ran up to one of the lads. "She yours?" I asked him. He nodded. "Right I need to talk to yous." He nodded, and all five of them  followed me into the back. Some dude stoped me.

"Hey. I wanna shove my dick into your pussy." I laughed.

"Hey. You wanna watch it or else." I tryed to walk off but he grabbed my wrist.

"Or else what?" I smiled. Held up my gun.

"Or else you won't have a dick." He ran. I lowered my gun. The boy's stopped but Eleanor followed me, so the boy's did too. I stopped and locked the door. "Right guys. Listen, I've just saved Eleanors life. She will be a bit off for awhile." And the boys gasped but Eleanor was backing into a conner. "What you need to do is if she can't sleep give her an sleeping pill, don't yell at all. That will only make things worst." They all noddded. I walked up to Eleanor. "Hey Eleanor." She smiled. "It's OK. You don't have to put  brave face on." With that she burst out crying. "Listen Eleanor." She looked up. "Don't do anything stuipid, like the others OK." She nodded.

"What do you mean stuipid things and the others?" One of the boys asked.

"Listen I get paid around here not just for singing and getting people drinks. I get paid when I save people. I have saved alot of girls like Eleanor. Just for them to go and kill them selfs because they don't tell anyone there feelings. So one direction don't let her be alone. Ever." They nodded and walked out. "I will  be watching for a while. I will be taking things from the house. Stuff such as knifes, razors and lots of other things. I don't  like taking chances." They all walked away. But Eleanor didn't.  "Come with me." She whispered. "I'm scared." I  nodded. And followed her.

"What's she doing here!" One of the boys yelled. Eleanor  screamed.

"She said she was scared." I whispered.

"Why are you whispering?" Eleanors boyfriend asked.

"What did I say before? No yelling." Eleanor smiled.


Harry's POV

When Eleanor smiled. I knew I should  trust this girl. Although she had a gun in her hand. She must be doing this for a reason, I though, She can't give up her life for someone else would she? Once we got to the building. Eleanor went up to her room. The girl  followed.  She didn't look happy. Her skin was pale. Her skinny hand skid across the banister as she climbed the stairs. I seen blood on her wrist, burises and scars. I looked at the other boys they all seen as well. "What do you think they are off?" Louis asked.

"I don't know." I whispered. It was four hours later untill the girl came down she was in the same clothes as before. But her hair was in a high ponytail, showing  her neck. She had scars and dry blood all over it. I gasped so did the boys. She came and sat on the floor and went to sleep. "Why she sleeping on the floor?" Zayn asked. On one knew. She woke up 20 minutes later. "Morning." She said.

"Did you sleep well?"

"I haven't slept forr that long in 5 years!" We were all shocked.  Eleanor came down two hours later.  Before anyone could say anything. The girl was looking at Eleanor. She looked at her wrist, legs, arms, back and neck. The girl smile. "No cuts." She whispered. Eleanor smiled to like it was the biggest thing in the world. "What does that mean?" I asked.

"It means Eleanor has set a recorced off the longest time of not cutting her self." Eleanor was still smiling.

"How did you sleep?" Louis asked. Eleanors smile faded. And she started to cry.

"I had a nightmare." When Eleanor said that the girl looked up.

"What about?" Her vocie was different.
 "The boys tryed to kill me." She whispered. The girl slowly got up, walked over to her. The girl put her hands on Eleanors shoulders. Then she whispered "It's OK.  Let it out." Eleanor burst out into tears.

"I'm scared." Eleanor whispered. The girl hugged Eleanor. When Eleanor stopped crying. The girl smiled, so did everyone else. The girl started laugh. "Whats so funny?" BANG! We all looked they was a guy with a gun at the door. He didn't shoot anyone. The girl was still laughing. Everyone but her was scared. BANG! BANG! The guy was trying to shoot the girl. But she was moving to fast.Then BANG! The girl had a gun. And the man fell to the floor. And then the police came in. I was scared so was everyone. Untill the police gave the girl a highfive. "Thanks." The police man said. She nodded. When the police were gone. Everyone stared at the girl. We seen that she was bleeding. But when I tryed to help her she moved away. She went and was talking to Eleanor. Eleanor nodded. And smiled. She was laughing now. When Eleanor had went to bed. We all stared at the girl. "What?" She said.

"You got shoot." Niall said.


"And the police gave you an highfive for shooting someone."

"Oh he was on the most wanted list." She lay on the floor and went to sleep. She woke up 10 minutes later.

"How can you sleep on the floor?" Liam asked.

"I did sleep next to bins." Eleanor came down stairs and the girl cheeked her for cuts. They smiled

"Can we go swimming?" We all nodded but not the girl.

"Can I take a shower?"  The girl asked.



"Can I take a shower?" I asked. Eleanor helped me. She was shocked when I didn't know was shampoo was. So she did my hir over the bath before she put the shower on and closer the curtains. She gave me a razor. And once I was do she gave me a bikini and we went into the pool, when the boys saw me they stared. I looked down. They were looking at all my scars They covered my body, my arms, my legs, my neck, my belly and back. Me and Eleanor  jumped  into the pool at the sametime. It was so funny. I feel really wierd, I had mmy first bath in ten years!

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