Beneath Your Beautiful Skin (Vampire/ Harry Styles Love Story)

Shaylen Summers is an 18 year old girl with a year old daughter. When 5 boys move in across the street. She doesn't seem to care but one of the boys do. His name is Harry. But the 5 boys hold a deep dark secret. They are vampires. But what if they aren't the only one with a secret. What if Shaylen has a past she doesn't want anyone to know. But Harry wants to get to know Shaylen to protect her. But why? Why does Harry want to protect Shaylen? Why is he being there for her? Will he tell her his secret and will Shaylen tell Harry hers? Read more and find out.


1. New Neighbors

I was in the kitchen making Amanda (Daughter) her milk. Once the microwaved beeped. I grabbed it out a tested it. I walked into the couch where Amanda was laying. I picked her up sitting in her spot and placed the bottle in her mouth. Amanda started drinking. I smiled. She was my life. I loved her so much. Nothing could ever stop me from loving her. She was my daughter. I pulled the bottle back when Amanda finished. She giggled. Her giggle was so cute.


I picked Amanda up. I walked outside and grabbed the mail. I saw a car park into the house across from me. 5 boys stepped out. New neighbors. Amanda sneezed. "I should get you inside eh" I said. Closing the letter box and walking inside and changing Amanda into winter clothes. She looked adorable. I picked Amanda up and twirled around. Then the phone rang. I walked down the stairs and answered the call.


"Hello?" I asked.

"Hey sweetheart" Mum said.

"Mum" I said coldly.

"Sweetie you have to stop being mad. Anyway your sisters and I are coming down" Mum said.

"Mum I told you not to bother coming around. You don't even know my daughter and I don't want her to. Not after what you tried to do" I said.

"Well we are here now" Mum said.


I hung up and walked up to the door and opened it. "Get lost mum I don't want you here ever. I moved to get away from the perfect family I was never going to fit in with" I said gritting my teeth. Mum and my sisters barged in. Amanda look at me and put her hands over my mouth. "Yes you are right" I said closing the door. "Your house is a mess" Bailey (sister) said. "Well it will be since I have a year old child and I do work at night" I said.


Mum looked at me and sighed. "Why did you get yourself pregnant?" Mum asked. I looked at mum. "My boyfriend and I were having fun like a said and well he used a condom and it didn't work because they aren't 100% safe are they" I snapped. Amanda rested her head on my chest and yawned. "You can go to bed it a bit baby girl" I whispered. Amanda nodded. "Come home" Mum said. I shook my head. "I am never going back there. Never ever" I said. Mum and my sisters looked at me. "Leave" I said pointing to the door. They made their way to the door. "You will regret this" Mum said. "I regret loving you" i hissed and slammed the door shut.


I walked into the lounge and put Amanda onto a blanket. Amanda closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. You see I am an author. So I can work at home and look after Amanda. I grabbed my laptop and started to work on my second book 'Loving Revenge' its a murder, romance mystery novel. I am up to the 45 chapter. It was 356 pages long and I had it in next week. Hopefully they like it. I looked over at Amanda and saw her still sleeping peacefully. 



Harry's POV


I was in my room looking out the window. Our neighbor across the street. Looks like Samantha my girlfriend who turned me. Who turned me against my will. Who made me into this monster. I see that the girl has a daughter. I am guessing the guy didn't want to hang around. I think if a boy is a men he would stay and help protect. But some boys can be immature when it comes to responsibility and leave.


I want to know who she talked to before. I am guessing her mother and sisters maybe. I have to find out about Shaylen. I have to get her to trust me. I have to know her. I need her love. She is the one. The one I have been searching for my whole entire life as a normal boy and now vampire. My four best friends are also vampires. Liam is the oldest. Then me. Then Louis. Then Zayn. Niall is knew he is 100 and has to learn to deal with blood or he will turn into a really evil vampire. He has to stop before he turns 150. Or its goodbye sweet Niall and hello vampire evil Niall.


A knock came at my door. "Who is it?" I asked turning away from the window. "Louis dinner is ready" Louis said. I smiled. Yes we eat like humans and drink like humans. "Okay" I said. I stood up and made my way to the door and opened it. I closed the door and walked off with Louis into our big dining room. Liam and Zayn had setted up the table. We all sat down and started to eat. Once we were finished. Louis and I did the dishes. "So you like the girl across the street" Louis smirked. "I do not" I said. Louis chuckled. "I was outside before and saw you looking at her then her house. She looks like Samantha doesn't she" Louis said. I dropped the plate. "Sorry mate but she does" Louis said. I sighed and picked up the pieces. "It's fine. I just hate her. But if I wasn't turned I didn't get to meet you 4 amazing boys" I said. 


Louis laughed and nodded. The boys are like my brothers I never had. We have done everything together. We have gone through troubles with our powers. Helping Niall and being there for one another. But I am so going to get to know the girl across the street. I want to let her in on my life and hopefully she lets me in. I want her to. But if that is her daughter. I don't know if she trusts men after what happened. I would also need the boys help for this as well. I mean if I do get to know her and she comes around. The boys must chain Niall up. I don't want the girl I love to die. Or her daughter. If that is her daughter.

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