Beneath Your Beautiful Skin (Vampire/ Harry Styles Love Story)

Shaylen Summers is an 18 year old girl with a year old daughter. When 5 boys move in across the street. She doesn't seem to care but one of the boys do. His name is Harry. But the 5 boys hold a deep dark secret. They are vampires. But what if they aren't the only one with a secret. What if Shaylen has a past she doesn't want anyone to know. But Harry wants to get to know Shaylen to protect her. But why? Why does Harry want to protect Shaylen? Why is he being there for her? Will he tell her his secret and will Shaylen tell Harry hers? Read more and find out.


2. I Can't

Shaylen's POV


I was in the kitchen making myself and Amanda breakfast. I then heard crying. I turned everything off and walked into Amanda's room and picked her up. "What's wrong beautiful?" I asked. Amanda pointed outside. "Is someone outside?" I asked. Amanda nodded. I turned the light on and opened the curtain to find no one. "Come on love breakfast is awaiting" I said. Amanda smiled. I turned the light off and walked into the kitchen and placed Amanda in her high chair. Amanda nodded as I fed her.


Once I finished mine. I bathed Amanda and changed her. "Go shopping?" I asked Amanda. Amanda nodded. Tonight I had in my book. I finished it last night thank god. Finished it at 2am. Once Amanda and I were at the shops. I placed her into the pram. I locked my car and walked into the store. Amanda giggled. I smiled. I love Amanda so much. She reminds me of myself when I was a child. But I was brought into the world of money hungry parents who didn't give a shit about their children. I got pregnant by one mistake and they didn't think it was fine. Mum had me at 16. So its her fault not mine. 


I brought Amanda some new clothes and myself some. Amanda looked at me. I know she wants to know who her father is but i don't want her to know. I sighed and walked out of the store. I put everything in the car. The pram in the boot. Amanda in her capsule. I got into the front and drove off. Once I got home. I walked in carrying Amanda and the bag of clothes. The house was a mess. I knew who did this. My family. Great. I put Amanda on the couch and cleaned up the mess. Everything was smashed. Apart from my laptop which was good. I called the police.


They came down. I told them everything. They told us that we had to stay in a hotel. I nodded. I picked Amanda up and walked out. The 5 boys looked at me sadly. I wonder if they heard anything. My mum came down. I put Amanda in the car. I walked up to mum and punched her. "I hate you" I said. Mum smiled at me. "I wish you were dead" Mum said. "Same for you" I snapped. The 5 boys walked over. "Why did you trash my house. I am not living with you anymore. You have no right going into my house" I snapped. Mum looked at me. "I told you, you will pay" Mum said. I grabbed Amanda out. "I don't want you anywhere near me or Amanda. I don't want my daughter to know a grandmother who didn't care about her children" I snapped. 


One of the boys looked at me sadly. The rest didn't know what was going on. "You can afford to fix everything" Mum said. "No I don't mum. I work as an author it takes me a month or two to finish a book and by the time I have no more money. I have an amazing daughter to feed and feed myself. I have bills to pay. Pets to feed. Unlike you. Who is really rich and all you care about is money, fancy cars, houses and other things" I yelled. The police walked out. "Everything alright here?" A man asked. I nodded. "Thank you" I said. The policemen smiled and left. Amanda put her arms around me. I smiled and rubbed her back. "I just want you back" Mum said fake crying. "Oh please mum. You kicked me out remember and told me that you never want me around and I hope you die in a hole" I said. The boys were still there. This is just great. "Look mum I have to go because thanks to you everything in my house is trashed and well I have no where else to go" I snapped. Mum smiled and left. "Sorry about that" I said. The boys smiled. "Its fine" A boy said. 


I looked at them. "Sorry I'm Liam, this is Louis, Harry, Zayn and Niall" Liam said. "Nice to meet you I am Shaylen and this is my daughter Amanda" I said. Amanda turned around and rubbed her  eyes. Amanda pointed at Harry. "Can I hold her?" Harry asked. I nodded. Harry grabbed her. "Hello you and your mum are beautiful" Harry said. I smiled so did Amanda. She drummed Harry's head. "Sorry she isn't use to guys much" I said. Harry flashed me and smile. "No its fine. She's cute" Harry said. I smiled. "So you know you can stay with us" Liam said. "I don't know really" I said. "Come on just for a while until you get paid and you can get new stuff and we can help with things" Louis said. I rolled my eyes. "Fine" I said. Harry smiled. Once we got to the boys house. Man it looked amazing. They had antiques. "Your house is amazing guys better than mine" I chuckled.


Harry was still carrying Amanda. "I will be back alright" I said. The boys nodded. I got home and grabbed my laptop and printed what I needed. I then carried my laptop. I got back to the boys house. "Wow" Zayn said. "Sorry author" I said. Zayn looked at me. "No I mean the pages" Zayn said. "Oh yeah. I have to hand it in tonight to get looked at than published" I said. Zayn nodded. Harry walked up. "Sounds interesting have you done others?" Harry asked. "Yeah I did a whole book series called Dusk" I said. Louis looked at me. "Vampires?" Louis asked. I nodded. "I love all supernatural creatures" I said. The boys smiled. Amanda fell asleep in Harry's chest. "Does she know the father?" Harry asked. "No and I don't want her to know" I said. Harry nodded and rubbed Amanda's back. That night I dropped the pages off at the my work. "I will come by and collect them tomorrow" I said. My publishes nodded. I walked out and got back to the boys.


A few hours later. Amanda was asleep on the couch. "God dammit" I said. "What?" Harry asked. "I don't have Amanda's milk. Or what she drinks. Damn" I said. "We could go to the store tomorrow and get some okay" Harry said. I sighed. "Yeah sorry" I said. "For?" Harry asked looking at me. I shrugged. "Hey you are allowed to be worried your a mother to a very wonderful girl okay" Harry said. I smiled. Harry pressed his lips onto mine. I went to kiss back when I pulled away. "I can't I'm sorry not yet" I said. Harry looked at me. "Tell me when you are" Harry smriked. I smiled. "I don't if I will ever be ready" I whispered. "You will be" Harry said and kissed my foreheads than Amanda's. "See you in the morning" Harry said. I nodded and sat on the couch. Harry disappeared up the stairs.

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