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1. Reapers




            “Reapers! Reapers are coming!!” A young boy cries as he runs through the ruined city of Portland.


Pedaling through the streets of Portland, the once beautiful city of Oregon, and it now lies in ruin and decay. A mockery of the industrial beauty that was intermixed with nature, and now it is nothing more then a ruined city. A city that was once henotic is now in total disarray as buildings are broken and crumpling. The once industrial beauty of skyscrapers that bleed into the old Docks is now overrun with trees and foliage. The suburbs are lost to the world, broken and dead, as houses, shops, and cafes are overrun with foliage and trees. Although the further you get from the city center, the Downtown, 1the more desolate the land becomes. The surrounding suburbs of Portland, Oregon City, Gladstone, Sunnyside, and all the rest are gone. Blasted away during the war, the Third World War, and there is nothing left but a desolate wasteland of sand and sun.


Portland is small now; just the central downtown areas are livable with the city protected by a massive wall and energy shield. The city itself is protected by thick walls of steel and various poly-metals, while auto turrets ring the wall. Heavy, repeating, machine guns that spew very large caliber rounds at insanely high rate of fire and every gate has, at least, two heavy turrets protecting them. Massive towers of steel and the top have a swivel base that holds four large barrels, whilst the tower itself is filled with ammo; enough ammo that they don’t need to be rearmed every ten to fifteen years.


The North Gate, the main gate, is where the radar and energy meter went crazy as they both registered Reapers. The radar went spastic with readings and so many blips of various sizes, it was impossible to get an accurate count of how many Reapers are inbound. The energy meter went from normal, to off the scale in mere moments after the radar registered the creatures inbound for the city. The alarm was sounded, and the alarm is young boys on bikes that run throughout the entire city (or what is left) and sound the alarm.



            “Sir… Jonathan! Rea-“

            “I know, Victor, I know.” Growls the tall, swarthy fellow as he lowers his binoculars and he exhales slowly. Cigarette smoke that wafts from his nostrils as his right eye makes little noises. Quiet little whirring and clicking noises as he studies the Reapers inbound.

            He turns smoothly as the setting sun glints off his full body armor and his helmet rests at his feet. He looks to Victor, and his right eye is missing, rather in its place is a mechanical eye that glows a pale red and his left eye is pure white with a thick scar running at an angle over it. He’s blind in his left eye.


“Pull out companies C and E, yet leave Undine Squad back in Sector three. Just in case they punch through the gate; other then that, regular deployment.” Jonathan rumbles in a laconic manner as he looks to Victor.


            A sharp salute and Victor switches through various frequencies on his commlink, growling out orders as he moves to hover-jeep. Hopping aboard the vehicle with practiced ease, as he’s clad in full combat armor as well, and he pulls on his helmet. The jeep takes off with a quiet whirr as the driver hits the gas.


            Standing there, just outside of the gate on a sandy hillock that is held together with simple foliage, Jonathan adjusts the heavy combat rifle slung across his chest by a three-point combat sling and he pulls his helmet on. He takes in the scenery and growls over the ‘All-Hands’ frequencies. “Alright, boys and girls, this is Jonathan speaking. The Hounds won’t hit the city for four hours. So, relax for a couple hours, pray to your gods, say good-bye to loved ones and get to your post. Over and out.”



Four hours later and the sun has set considerably, hanging over the horizon as a quarter of a thumbnail.


            Jonathan crouches low in the trench in front of the hillock before the Northern Gate and he looks over the lip of the trench. He can see the Hounds running straight for the city. Massive creatures that move in an undulant manner and they look ethereal, as one can see straight through them.


            Jonathan nods to himself as he adjusts the rifle against his shoulder and sights down the optic. He flips to the ‘All-Hands’ circuit and growls, “Alright, lock and load. Snipers get ready, wait for them to crack the energy shield. Everyone one else, listen to your Sergeant.” A brief pause and he growls, “Five minutes for Padre and then switch to section circuits. God have mercy on our souls.”


Howls, howls that rend one’s very soul cold, fill the air as the Reaper Hounds slam into the energy shield that is about three hundred yards from the gate. The Hounds, massive, beasts of ghost-like qualities as they look icy blue with streaks of smoky white that bleed through them and never stay still; the hounds look like large wolves that have died, yet they aren’t.


            Claws rake the energy shield and rip huge gouges in the energy itself as the Hounds slowly tear their way through. Claw and fang rip and tear at the shield as the Hounds seek to rupture the shield.


            Jonathan growls as he flips to his section’s circuit and growls, “Button up and watch your mate on your flanks. Let’s show these hounds why it’s an erroneous choice to attack Portland, Oregon.” He flips to the sniper unit frequency for his section, “Charlie and Tango, when they get through. Open fire.” Thumbing his com back to his section, Jonathan moves down the trench and nods to his second, Sergeant Gerald, and the two of them hunker down as the Hounds rupture the shield with bloodcurdling cries. “Hold your fire! Wait for them to get within two hundred yards!” Jonathan calls over his sections circuit as snipers open fire.


            Hellfire rains down onto the Hounds as the sound of high powered weapons are fired, and the Auto-turrets unleash hundreds of bullets in a second into the charging hoard of Reaper Hounds and death is dealt…. 

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