Faking The Part.

She was a normal girl straight out of high school. She wasn't expecting a job like this, no way would she ever dream that things like that existed.

When Modest hired her to be Eleanor's stand in, she had to take the part. The money was more than a temptation under her poor nose.

"You don't even look like her." was Louis' first words.

She knew he was right, but she didn't know how Modest worked

[i]It wasn't long before she was the spitting image of Miss Calder, it wasn't long until she was taught the part.[i]

She was just meant to hang off his arm in public. She wasn't meant to destroy the fandom


2. Meeting With The Big Guns

I was only young back then, yet still it was no excuse. The way my mind functioned it makes me cringe at how naive I was to have belief in a just life, to believe that everything was what it seemed and that the world wasn't full of secrets, that we could trust the world, that things were all innocent. I hate to think that you are one of those people, that you still believe in the world. Because you shouldn't.

The world is a horrible place, filled with horrible people whether you witness such things or not. I am telling you my story not for the publicity, but for the sole purpose of exposing the truth, to tell you my side of what happened. Maybe then you will stop hating me. Maybe then you will see that it wasn't my fault. Siobhan Vandecamp, my name mightn't seem very special.

It wasn't to me either but it was my name a part of who I was and they took it away from me, just like they did to those other girls. I can no longer be Siobhan Vandecamp, that life is behind me. I am Siobhan Vandecamp - Eleanor's double. Forever I will be stamped with that title. Whether you are a fan of the boys, whether you know the full story.


My name or even my face have been plastered across the tabloids, exposed online. My future is no longer certain, what if I can't land a job? The world knows what I was a part of, and that same world is never forgiving. It hasn't sunk in yet, that I am no longer a part of their operation, that it has all been exposed. There was a time I thought it would all be for the best, a time I thought it we would be free.

That wasn't the case at all. I am not free, the press can't get enough of me or my story. I escaped one cage only to be exposed to another trap, one bigger than the last one with more bars, one I cannot escape from.


As I walked into that office building on that very first day nerves filled my entire body, important people rushing around me. All of them with important business to attend to. I couldn't even imagine who they all worked for, a guessing game entered my brain as my own brand of entertainment as I sat down on one of those comfortable lounge chairs situated not far from the blonde lady who sat propped up behind the receptionist desk.

"Siobhan Vandecamp?" A voice I didn't recognise sounded causing me to jump a little in my place. I immediately rose to my feet, I wanted to get this over with, I wanted answered and I wanted them right then and there. I was ushered down the windy corridor, taken around corners bypassing offices, watching the posters plastered upon the walls as we passed by.

I was taken into a back office, a big fancy room filled with space, a desk and a couple of chairs. Five to be exact. You would think that number would have been some kind of clue, like five seats would signal something in my confused brain. My heart was racing as I took a seat on this side of the desk, two men sat opposite me, with a woman to my left. I won't name names, that's not what I am here for. I want to tell you my story, not the story of others involved. "

Miss Vandecamp, I trust that you are here because you received our letter?" The older man spoke first. I nodded my head of course. That was why I came wasn't it? I wanted answers, the letter was vague, a simple body of words strung together to give a small piece of information that had no significant meaning at all, it didn't make one bit of sense as I had read through it. I was still entirely confused the way they had worded their request just had me feeling worse for wear.

"I can imagine you are confused as to why we asked you here." said the other man. His face was rounder then the other, his glasses hang off his crooked nose, he looked almost friendly the way he smiled over to me. He was trying too hard, trying to act friendly, when later I was to learn that he too was faking the part. "

You have heard of the boy band One Direction, correct?" The first man asked, looking me in the eye as each word left his mouth, I nodded my head. Of course I had heard of them, I wasn't living under a rock. I was a young woman fresh out of high school, I wasn't new to the teen crazes. "Yeah, I like their music." I answered maturely, adding a sweet smile at the end of my sentence. I wanted to know what One Direction had to do with my business.

The woman beside me was still quiet, I caught her playing with her glasses, but that is the first major motion I had seen her take since her arrival. Boring, was my first impression of course. "One Direction are still under our management if you aren't aware. We have been representing them for three years." He continued after I had sunk neatly back into my chair. "The personal lives of the boys are a big issue, if you are aware of Louis Tomlinson and his relationship with Miss Calder you are probably well informed about the highly publicised romance that has been highly valued within the media lately.

" I was confused by where he was headed with that information. Why would I care about Louis and his girlfriend. I was a little think back then, shuddering at the thought of how innocent my mind must have been to not pick up on that clue, not noticing where he was heading with that leading sentence. "That is where you come in Miss Vandecamp"

The woman finally spoke, I turned my attentions towards her. Wanting to make sure I took in what was going in, something told me that I couldn't afford to miss a single word these people were saying to me. "We found you through social media, our team scouted facebook and twitter alike to find the perfect candidate, and with many discussions it was without a doubt that you were the best choice if you choose to accept." I frowned from my confusion, what were they trying to say? Did they want me join the band? Become friends with Eleanor or even date one of the other boys? What was going on?

I just couldn't piece it together no matter how hard I tried. "The resemblance is uncanny, we have work to do to make it unnoticeable but you Miss Vandecamp are a perfect stand in for Miss Calder." I almost coughed, if I had been drinking from my water bottle, it would have been sprayed across the office within a ray of spirting water. Why would she need a stand in? Was she fake?

Was she going away somewhere? I had millions of guesses, each one crazier than the last. "What do you want me to do?" I asked, eyeballing each one of them. They all stared back at me, it scared me only slightly.

"We are here to sign you on to be Eleanor's stand in." She told me, a light gasp escaped my confused lips. Stand in? What would this mean? I had to be Louis' girlfriend? I didn't have a clue on how to be his girlfriend. This wasn't the type of job I had in mind. "All you would need to do, was appear with him in public a few times a week, excluding tour dates, when you will only show up to a few, concerts here and there You will need to remain discreet within your own personal affairs, keep out of the media, and that includes all social medium such as facebook. You will be given access to Eleanor's twitter and instagram accounts as well as being paid the same rates for all public appearances. All online updates will be monitored, just to keep it all in check." I almost fell off my chair, it all seemed too much to take in.

Was I really going to do this? Was I capable to do such a task? I had seen photos of that girl and she was gorgeous, I looked nothing like her! How was this going to work? "What do I have to do?" I asked slowly, looking back at the two men, they smiled.

The woman pushed a contract in front of me, followed by a fountain pen. I smiled nervously, this was it. I was locked in, and scared as hell. "Sign the dotted line."

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