Faking The Part.

She was a normal girl straight out of high school. She wasn't expecting a job like this, no way would she ever dream that things like that existed.

When Modest hired her to be Eleanor's stand in, she had to take the part. The money was more than a temptation under her poor nose.

"You don't even look like her." was Louis' first words.

She knew he was right, but she didn't know how Modest worked

[i]It wasn't long before she was the spitting image of Miss Calder, it wasn't long until she was taught the part.[i]

She was just meant to hang off his arm in public. She wasn't meant to destroy the fandom


1. Intro

Most people turn eighteen, graduate and head off to college or university, it’s what kids do right? It’s what is meant to happen. Not for me, no my life changed drastically after my eighteenth birthday, it was like I had been pulled out onto a rollercoaster, with no breaks, like I would eternally be strapped into that carriage, tracing every bump, and hitting every turn for the rest of my foreseeable future. When I received the letter in the mail, just like every other graduating student I had assumed it was an acceptance or rejection letter, but I was mistaken.

Modest! Management, I had heard of them before, but never had I done anything to catch their attention, no applications of interest, no singing career in the making, it was odd. So odd in fact that the first thoughts that tormented my fragile mind was they had made a mistake. I hadn’t even opened the neatly pressed envelope when I dialed the contact number printed along the back of the business side of the document.

“To enquire about a contract please press one.” I rolled my eyes, listening to the many options, stated by the machine operated phone answering system. Of course no real person would take my call, It was just my luck to be stuck with somebody else’s mail on the day all my friends would be receiving the mail that would change the rest of their lives.

Something inside of me challenged myself to just open the letter, it had my name on it after all, it wouldn’t technically be considered a felony right? Stupid old me, stupid, stupid, stupid girl! To think back to that moment I can’t believe how naïve I had been, why was I so willing to open that envelope that day? Would it have changed if I had thrown it into the trash? Probably not, they would have sent another, they would have kept persisting until I caved, and I wholeheartedly believe that now, I didn’t in the beginning, I didn’t think things like that existed in the real world, but here I am today to tell you my story, my bets are you won’t believe it until you read it.

xo Siobhan 

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