Never Thought This Could Happen!

Charlene is an Girl with a Secret and a Dream.
Will you find out about the Secret?
Will her Dream come true?
Read on to find out!!!!


1. On Our Way To The Gym!

Niall 's P.O.V

"Are we there yet" I asked.

"No, but we will be there soon" Replied Louis.

"That's what you said the last time I asked" I said.

" We will be there in 10 minutes, Okaii?" said Louis.

"Yh, I will keep an eye on the time" I replied.


*** 10 Minutes Later!***

Louis 's P.O.V

"We're here" I shouted.

"Finally" Niall replied.

I ignored him.

We went to the Gym to find a few people exercising and that's when I saw the most prettiest girl in the WORLD!

She was on the Exercise Bikes.

I saw a spare Exercise Bike next to her so I rushed over to it and starting exercising.

She looked right into me eyes and I looked into hers, I could feel fireworks all around me.


I closed my eyes and took a deep breath in and out by the time I had opened my eyes she was no where to be seen.

I am so STUPID, I should have asked her to come to Starbucks with me.

Now I have No chance of seeing her again.












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