Never Thought This Could Happen!

Charlene is an Girl with a Secret and a Dream.
Will you find out about the Secret?
Will her Dream come true?
Read on to find out!!!!


3. Getting To Know Each Other!

Louis P.O.V

As I walked in I looked around at the crowd and there

sitting on a table near the back corner sat a girl,

the girl I saw at the Gym, the CUTE one.

I walked over  to her not caring where the others went

when I stood in front of her she didn't realise me she looked like she was in deep thought

so I done a little cough thing to get people's attention.

She looked up and stared into my eyes and I stared right back into hers

and I felt fireworks around me.

It felt amazing but awkward at the same time 

so I thought I should start a conversation.

"Heyy" I said.

She looked down at the ground and then looked back at me and said " Hi, I'm Charlene."

"Char-le-ne" I said trying to make the name sound sexy " What a lovely name and I am

Louis from One Direction."

" Louis, from One Direction?" She questioned like she didn't know who One Direction was.

"Yh, One Direction, One of the biggest Boy Bands" I explained.

"Oh, Cool" She said " I have to go now"

"Go Now? Oh Okaii..Mmm... can I have your phone number please" I asked hoping she would say yes.

" Mm.. Okaii.. 05561234567" She said.

"Oh, Thanks and Bye!" I replied.

"Bye" She said and walked out through the exist.

"What a stylish walk" I whispered to myself.

Then I went over to the boys and enjoyed my drink!!!


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