Dogs of War - Firefly Fan Fiction

A short scene that is based on Joss Whedon's Firefly and takes place during the Unification War with explicit scenes of detailed violence.


1. Pierce the Heart

Dust swirls across the street as a lazy hand of glittering browns and reds while the sun casts her dying fingers across the sky; a bleeding wound that seeps hues of deep reds, blazing oranges, fiery yellows, and soft purples. Dark eyes lift from the beautiful sunset and rise skyward, gazing deep beyond the soft scattering of clouds and the big man clad in clothes of black and grey and faded whites and brown. He shifts once where he is crouched with his rifle slung low across his chest by the three point sling. Adjusting the ear-piece and throat microphone with a practiced ease, he lifts a hand and quiet movement are heard behind him as his squad moves. Quietly they slide down the hillside, the sun shadowing them in the deep shade of the hillside and Alliance base just beyond.

            Heavy combat boots strike the dusty ground with a rhythmic thud. One after another after another and, by the sound, a full squad of six hit the dirt. Dark eyes check his line, thumbs up from both ends, and he nods in acknowledgment. He speaks into the throat mic in a quiet voice that barely can be heard and he motions his hand forward as he receives the “All-Clear”. Down the last part of the hill, curving over the last hump and they quietly slide down the rest of the way, boots hissing softly over loose dust and rough ground. The base walls come up fast with patrols on top.

            Sssss-thump, sssss-thump. Twin rounds of hot steel slide through armored helmets and Alliance troops fall off  the wall top, falling over the top and down towards the ground as cameras are disabled. Bullets that rip through metal and glass in a hot spray that sends warning to the Alliance security center and alert the other troops.

            A boot hits the wall and brings Jay to a halt with a heavy grunt from the man, quiet, yet heavy, and he angles his silenced assault rifle upwards. Fanning the wall with a hard eye and rifle following his gaze, he can hear the rest of his squad hit the wall and the soft rattle of the chain ammo can be heard as Jonnie hits dirt, and his FN Minimi SPW is already brought to bear, the extended box smacking his knee and the weapon is angle low. His faded green eye already scanning the wall in search of targets for his weapon and an absent smile creases his lips. The smile is always there, the slight twitch in the corner of Jonnie’s mouth with his nerves hot and his adrenaline pounds through his veins. It’s no wonder the squad all calls him: Twitch.

            Quickly they all get to their feet with rifles at ready and Vlad rushes up to the wall and plants his explosive. A singular, shaped, charge that looks like a starfish and he slaps the ignition stick into its center, pops the thumbs up, and the squad rolls out of the way. Ducking as all distinctive whine and the deep thump that throws up a thick, heavy, cloud of dust and a hole, large enough for two to go in a-breast, appears as that part of the wall crumbles into dust. The G36C is lifted to Jay’s shoulder as he and Jack pound through the wall, bullets hissing through the air with lethality only hardened and hot steel can make, and bullets clatter over the one entrance that lies before them. Behind them, the heavy rattling of the SPW is heard, hammering the steel against the door, and ripping the armor to pieces as Alliance troops try to push through. One, two, three, drop to the lethal howl of metal and the cries of the dying and wounded fill the air. Jay moves hard to his left as Jack moves to his right, bullets rattling from the magazine and they duck behind crates as they enter a storage room. Vlad and Sasha come through the make-shift door next with ease as Twitch hammers the only entrance into the room. Scattering rounds over the door from their weapons: G36C. Sasha and Vlad move left and right, then forward with rifles on the doorway. The light machine gun keeps hammering away, the bullet casings rattle over the ground as the sound of change that bounces from a pocket. Twitch leads the way with Lily behind him. Her FN SCAR-H with an extended magazine and M203 hooked the underbelly of the barrel. She sweeps the room, using Twitch as cover as he moves forward, claiming the center zone as his hiding spot behind some crates, and she rises with her rifle raised.

            -Thump-. The HE is let loose through the door, and one can hear the screams, the hammer of feet to the concrete floor, and the deep throated explosion that fills the air. The cries of the dying are heard as Jay and Vlad push through the hole in the wall where the door was and they can hear the other squad hit the base as the familiar deep rumble is felt as another ‘Door’ is made in the wall by the shaped charge. The pair crouch as the rest of the squad breaks through the hole in the wall and grenades are pulled free from the Vlad’s and Lily’s belt, thumbs hooking the pin, and they move down to the corners: Jay and Sasha backing Lily as Jack and Twitch backing up Vlad, the squad splits.

            Thunk, thunk, the grenades roll down the hallways and rip through more troops that didn’t get away soon or fast enough; Lily pops around the corner and releases a hail of bullets, tearing through flesh and armor as if it were paper. She nods slightly and whistles once, a soft and musical, noise that is repeated at the other end. Only the whistle is rougher, deeper, and hard. The two teams move down the corridors, heading towards their objectives.

            ”This is Sky Wun, twenty minutes until lock down.”

            ”This is Al-Fah Wun, Wilco.” Jay rumbles into his throat mic as he slaps the last timed mine to the cache of supplies and he lifts his right hand, whistling once. He makes a circle in the air with his forefinger. The big man moves towards one of the doors that lead out, the shortest, route and he gives a nod to Lily.

            A slight smile flashed to him and she kicks down the door, smashing the lock, and peeks about the corner as she lobs another grenade. An incendiary grenade that tinks once and explodes. Ripping a small part of the wall away and throws white phosphorus about the corridor; eating away the walls, floor, and the bunks beyond one of the walls. The screams of the alliance troops rip through the air and Jay motions them forward. Reaching the door that leads into the barracks; Sasha brings his rifle up to the lock and squeezes the barrel of the shotgun he has attached to the underbelly. Blowing the lock clean off. He unhooks the grenade from his belt, dumping it down into the room and the sound of hundreds of ball bearings fills the air as the fragmentation grenade rips through the center of the room. Jay lets his rifle rest across his chest as he unholsters the pistol from his thigh. A .45 ACP pistol and its modeled after an Earth-That-Was Para: A PXT LDA High Capacity pistol. He leads the way into the room with his pistol up, unloading the magazine with a smooth ease, dropping the dying or nearly dead Alliance troopers left in the barracks. He clean sweeps the room as Lily and Sasha cover him with their rifles that they never needed.

            The room is cleared, and Jay reloads his pistol, pocketing the empty magazine so he can reuse it later. He’s a Browncoat and he’s learned never to waste anything if you can help it. He pulls the slide back and opens the door to the last corridor, a nod, and he pushes it open the rest of the way with his pistol down and he’s already unleashed a grenade. Snapping off a shot that tears through an armored helmet and rips through bone and brain; he drops a soldier and duck-turns, slamming the door shut behind him as the grenade explodes with a deep growl. Ripping through Alliance troopers and Jay kicks the door open, pistol already in it's holster and rifle up and ready. Sasha pushes through the door first, crying suddenly as blood spurts from his neck. Dropping and already the white film of death glazes over his deep gaze and his cry of agony is left on his face as Jay steps over his body. He tears through the troopers left, ripping holes in armor and flesh as Lily drops to a crouch next to him and blasts away.

            Lily pushes forward, pausing at the T intersection and Jay crouches at Sasha’s side, closing his eyes and placing two coins over his eyes.

Jay whispers in a deep voice, “Safe journey, Brother.”


            He rises to his feet and taps Lily on the shoulder as he passes her; they pull a two man Ranger stop at the intersection. Outside they push, through the door, and they can hear the snipers hard at work, and the howl of air support is heard in the sky. Already the base is hot and as the two gunships rip through the sky as avenging Valkyries. They unleash hell onto the base, a strafing run that finds bullets and missiles tearing through the base.

            A whoop from Lily and Jay as the cavalry comes home, and they push towards the LZ, meeting up with Twitch and Jack. Jack simply shakes his head to Jay with a bone-deep sorrow registering in his gaze. They push for the LZ, an hour later, and they are back aboard the Shadow’s Dancer. A quick, little, corvette used mainly by them and already they are Hard Burning towards home. Home; nothing more then a small, floating, space station for folks like them. Death dealer’s from the Shadows. The Shadow cats are headed home...

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