Vivid Ways

After MaryJane experiences her family get murdered by 5 wanted criminals who were once teen pop sensation one direction and get taken away for revenge and punished.


1. I Have Nothing to lose

I'd just seen my family get murdered in front of me. I ran and ran until I found my peaceful place by the woods. I wounded my wrists until I'd seen plenty lines of red rise before my eyes. I herd deep voices begin to near, it didn't matter to me anymore, I had nothing to lose.
"There she is, tie her up and take her away." Someone ordered. The closest one kneeled down and turned me over tied my bloody wrists and but a blindfold over my eyes.
"We've a suicidal one here, and she didn't even try to resist!" He chuckled.
"Works for me." Another stated.
"Listen you little slut. You will be taken as revenge for what your father did. You will be punished, tortured and our sex slave, but not killed. So you better get use to being taken by any of us or all. Now I'll let you process that you little bitch." His husky voice loud enough for the other 4 to hear and agree.

They threw me into a trunk and I just laid there and herd the 5 strangers take me away to my unknown destination, most likely full of grief, who knows whats going to happen anyway. I'm just the one who's going to have to suffer for what my now deceased father once did to these 5, still unknown strangers.

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