My Diary

Just because you don't think your beautiful, doesn't mean others think the same.
You are you. Embrace that.


1. beginning

Hi I'm Jasmine, I have blonde and hazel eyes. I'm on the heavier side but I don't let that stop me.

I'm A directioner but don't worry thats not what I'm gunna talk about.

I'm also a gleek. I love the TV show glee because its about differences and accepting one another.

I'm the kind of girl that doesn't have much friends, the kind that would rather stay in her room and be non-social then spend time with my family. Drama in im life right now?

I want to light some one on fire because she can't except the fact that I don't wake up in the morning to impress her.

And she think everyone LOVES her. But nobody really does.

She is a total mess. She started smoking in grade four and also got her nose peirced in grade four. she got a tattoo in grade six. She isn't getting far in life. you can't do all of that and expect to not get pregnant when your 16 I mean come on.

I know i'm being harsh but she is just rude to me.

I only really have 7 good friends.

one called Renee she lives far away from me so I see her once a month.

my other one is called Sage and shes just like me, in a lot of ways. my third one is the most popularest girl in my grade, Named Haylee all of the guys want her and all of the girls want to be her. I don't know why she would want to be my friend considering i'm a loser. forth is my friend I know from birth, named Nicholas but I call him Nic for short he's a guy and he's my age but a grade ahead of me. fifth is also a guy which is my cousin,named walker. he is really weird like I don't even know how to describe it but in a funny way and he's also a pervert and likes to twerk on you. and make you touch his nipples.

sixth is another guy named Billy and he's from Texas and i'm from canada. He is really funny. my favorite joke he ever said was to a subtitute teacher.

Subtitute teacher: I think I know you guys from somewhere

Billy: juvie?

and seventh is my friend named Boston, hes a short guy and he's pretty funny. we used to HATE each other and now we are best friends. now you know about me. like and comment for more :)


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