Enchanting to meet you

Sarah is a 15 year old girl, who has lost her mother and lives with her dad and little brother Nick. Her dad just got a new job in Los Angeles, so they had to move and Sarah had to move school.


4. Wednesday - Skater Park

I woke up in the middle of the night, and while I was in my bed I was thinking about Austin. I had no idea how I could be crushing on him, when I actually didn’t know his personality at all. Something just told me that I shouldn’t give up on this guy. My thoughts was crazy.. Who was going to be my partner this Friday?

I walked down to the fridge and grabbed a piece of cake. I walked into the living room, turned on the TV while eating. I placed the cake on the table, but before I knew it I was asleep again.

My dad woke me up in the morning, and I could tell that I hadn’t been eating the cake at all, but that didn’t really matter. I got ready for school, and ate breakfast with my brother and daddy.

When I got to the school, I had to go to the library to copy my homework that I had done for today. I was going to be a little bit late, but I just hoped that my teacher wouldn’t mind. I grabbed my papers and my books, and then I started walking to the class. I plugged in my headphones, and started some music. I listened to a song called Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus, because I was a big fan of her, smiler or whatever you call it. As I walked to the class, suddenly a boy bumped into me, and all of my papers and books fell on the floor.

I removed the headphones from my ear, and was just about to ask why the boy didn’t look where he was walking, but then he looked at me and it was Austin.

“Oh my god, I am so sorry! Let me help you with that”. He said looking directly into my eyes, while his right hand touched my left arm.

I smiled at him, and he took all of the papers and books and asked if he should hold them for me to the class. I told him that he didn’t have to, but if he wanted to then it was fine. I asked him what he was doing in the hallway and he told me that he went out here to get some water. When we got to class he placed the papers and the books on my table and gave me a super cute smile before he headed back to his table. I smiled back at him, and then I gave the papers to the teacher who asked us why we were late. I told her that I had been at the library to copy the pages, and that I met Austin on my way back. She looked at us, and then she told us that it was alright.

Austin turned his head around and gave me a “thumbs up” sign with his hand, and I giggled at him while giving him the same sign back.

Emily threw a paper at me:

“I think Jasmine is a little jealous at you? She just gave you the “I want to kill you” look”. I turned my head towards the girl from my class called Jasmine, and she just looked the other way. At the break I asked Jasmine if something was wrong, and she just asked me what happened between me and Austin outside class, and then I just told her that he bumped into me so my books and papers fell to the floor, and he helped me. She looked at me in a weird way, and then she told me that nothing was wrong, even though I could tell that it wasn’t true. Then she gave me a tight hug and told me that we were friends.

“She likes Austin too” Emily whispered into my ear, while we walked away from Jasmine and her friends.

My stomach started giving me a weird feeling again.. “What if he likes her too?” I said nervous.

“He probably doesn’t, seriously.. Look at you, and then look at her. Your personality seems SO much better than hers anyways, of course he’ll like you” Emily said with a smile.

Emily was the type of person who could cheer me up at any time!

After school Emily and I went to my place. When we got home we ate some food, and went out in the garden to get a little bit tanned. I didn’t need it at all, but Emily was pale just like my little brother, so she really wanted it.

Later we decided to go to the skater park, because Mike has texted Emily to get there. We walked to the skater park, because it wasn’t that far away. When we got there Mike walked over to Emily and kissed her on the lips. He said hi to me, and I just smiled and said hi back to him. Mike was a skater boy, and he was really good at it. I could tell that he wanted to show off in front of Emily, but I believe that boys are just like that. Emily and I tried Mikes skateboard while he was talking to some of his friends, and we sucked at it! We looked at the guys standing and talking, when suddenly Austin appeared and said hi to the guys with their cool handshakes. He wore a cap, a white t-shirt where you could see his muscles through, some sweatpants and his supras.

“”OH MY GOD, he was like the cutest thing ever. “”

I tried to make it look like I wasn’t starring, even though I couldn’t get my eyes off him. The guys were chatting for a while, but then suddenly all of them came to us and said hi. Emily and I ended up hugging every one of them, and most of them were people from our class. Austin stepped towards me and hugged me and I hugged back. He smelled so good, and I couldn’t describe the feeling of him being that close to me. I could feel his muscles, and my whole body was about to explode, just because I could feel his hands on my back. This was the first time we hugged, and it was amazing. I’d wish I could hug him 24/7 every day of the week. Then we let go of each other, and the butterflies in my stomach was about to explode, but I was just standing there smiling.

They were six guys, but my focus was on Austin. There was just something special about him.

Emily and I tried skating with the boys, but it ended up with Mike and Emily making out, while I was trying to skate with the other boys INCLUDING AUSTIN! We spend a couple of hours in the skater park, and I was happy that I could finally speak with Austin and say hi to him without it being way to embarrassing and weird. We were kind of friends now, or at least we’ve got to know each other a little bit better.

Emily and I hugged everyone goodbye, and went home. I talked with my family, and my little brother was really curious, because I told them that we’ve been at the skater park with some boys, so the first thought in my brother and dads mind was if any of them was my boyfriend, which I had to tell them that it wasn’t. After dinner I took a shower, and went onto my computer. I logged onto Facebook, and I had got 4 friend notifications. I clicked on it, to see who it was.

I could tell that it was some of the boys from the skater park today, but Austin hadn’t added me, and I honestly didn’t want to seem like a stalker, so I just accepted the other boys, and turned off my computer. I went to bed, and then I just chatted with some girls from my class.

The door opened to my room, “Goodnight sweety, I love you, and I will try to sleep now” my dad said and then my little brother ran into my room and jumped onto my bed.

“I love you two, goodnight” I said to my brother and dad, and then I turned off my phone.

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