Enchanting to meet you

Sarah is a 15 year old girl, who has lost her mother and lives with her dad and little brother Nick. Her dad just got a new job in Los Angeles, so they had to move and Sarah had to move school.


3. Tuesday

I went to school, and today I had done everything I could to look natural and pretty on the same time. My hair was in a high bun, and small pieces of curly hair fell out of it, but it looked super cute. I wore a white dress with a belt.

For makeup I had applied a little bit of concealer, just to make my skin look cleaner and then I added some mascara to my super long and thick lashes.

When I walked into the class, my eyes met with the beautiful boys eyes. I felt like my knees was about to break, and my stomach started acting weird. He wore a cap today, and it looked SO good on him. Well, if you ask me everything looks good on him.

Anyways I tried looking at him a little bit less than I’d like to, just to avoid awkwardness.

When I sat in the class I just couldn’t stop staring at this cute guy. It was kind of weird that I didn’t know his name.

I could tell that he had muscles through his shirt, and I really enjoyed the view.

“Sarah, are you listening?” my teacher said, and everybody turned their heads towards me!

“Uhm yes, I am listening” I said, while trying to avoid looking at the cute boy even though I could tell that he looked at me.

The teacher just kept on talking and talking. She was so boring!

“The headmaster told me to give you these papers”, she walked around the class while giving each and every one of us a piece of paper with information’s about a party that would be held at the school.

Emily looked at me and lifted up her eyebrows, because she had noticed that I was crushing on some guy here at school.

“FRIDAY NIGHT PROM PARTY” the title said of the paper.

We went outside to have break, and me and Emily was talking about the prom party.

“I’m not so nervous about picking a partner, because I am having a little flirt with Mike, so I believe we’ll go to the prom party together. What about you Sarah?” she said while looking at me curious.

“I really don’t know, because I don’t really know a lot of guys here.” I said while considering if I should just tell her that I had a crush on the cute guy from the class.

“You’re a beautiful girl Sarah, you could ask anyone and they’d say yes to you”. Emily said with a smile on her face.

I looked down into the ground for a while, thinking to myself if I was good enough for the cute guy.

“What is the matter girl?” She said while putting her arm behind my back.

“If I tell you this, then keep it to yourself, okay?” I said while looking a little worried.

“Yeah sure, what is going on?”

“I think I like the guy from our class, the guy who sits at the front, and he wore a cap today, but I don’t even know his name, and I don’t think he would go to prom with me, but don’t tell anyone”.

“Oh my god sweetheart, are you crushing on Austin?” She said with a flirty smile on her face.

Then we just ended out in laughter.


“A + S” I wrote in my book. It looked so good together.


“Do you want to be a stalker with me after school?” Emily wrote on a paper and threw at me.

“Hahaha, for sure girl” I wrote back.

When the class ended we accidently had to go the same way as Austin. I texted my dad that I was just hanging out with Emily, and that I would eat at her place.

We made it look like nothing was planned.. or, we tried, even though we weren’t the best stalkers.

He went to the mall and met with 2 of his friends, who looked like skater boys.

Emily and I decided to sit on the chairs and eat some candy and ice cream, while sitting and talking about the prom party.

Emily could tell on me that I had a serious crush on this guy, and I did!

I ripped off the paper of the ice cream, and started eating it. We hadn’t seen the boys for a little while.

I got ice cream on my cheek which made me look super awkward, and then Austin walked by. OH MY GOSH!

“Wait, what? He smiles at me! Oh my gaaaaard, what am I going to do? Should I try to remove the ice cream from my cheek, run, smile back, oh my god.. What am I going to DO. He is definitely looking at me, I am 100% sure..”

My thoughts were going crazy, and I ended up smiling super awkward at him, and him and his friends giggled and walked by, but I saw him smiling at me.

“Sarah, your head is like a tomato” she said while laughing hysterically.

I really couldn’t stop laughing either even though it was super awkward. Maybe he likes awkward girls like me? Who knows.


After a couple of hours at the mall, Emily and I went to her place where we went to the computer to find Austins facebook profile.

I went through all of his pictures ATLEAST 10 times! I noticed that Emily was friends with him on facebook, and I’d wish it was me. Maybe he would just realize that I liked him, if I send him a friend request, so.. I decided to just stalk him from Emily’s profile.

Later that day I drove home with the bus, and then I took a shower. It was about 9PM, and I was tired already. We had homework, so after the shower I sat on the floor doing my homework.

I showed the paper with information’s about the party to my dad, and of course he started asking me who I’d like to go to the party with, so I just looked like a big question mark!

I went to bed, and my brother came into my room asking if he could sleep with me the night and I just couldn’t stand for his adorable eyes, so of course he could sleep in my room again.

My dad came into my room, gave me a big hug and a kiss and said goodnight to me and my brother.




I hope you like this chapter!

I am so sorry that I haven't been writing so much on movellas lately, but I have been so busy, but I will try to keep up the chapters, so there will come more up soon!


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