Enchanting to meet you

Sarah is a 15 year old girl, who has lost her mother and lives with her dad and little brother Nick. Her dad just got a new job in Los Angeles, so they had to move and Sarah had to move school.


1. Moving

I started packing some of my things for tomorrow. It was a quite big day for me, because I had to move to another school, because my dad had got a job in another city.

I had just moved which was really hard for me aswell, because I had alot of nice friends from the other town.

I missed Paige so much, which was one of my closest friends. I missed Jack who was my geeky ex who always made me laugh, even though the love between us was completily gone. 
But I missed my mom the most because she passed away 2 years ago, because of a car accident. It must have been the hardest part of my life. My grades at school got really horrible, because of my sadness. I know this might sound weird, but our family works fine just being my dad, my little brother and me. I miss my mom, and I love her so much, but I've realised that she won't come back, so I'll focus on all the positive things in life, which was a thing my mother taught me. She always told me that everytime I was in trouble or had problems, I should focus on the positive sites, because that would help me. The positivity beats the negativity.

My little brother is 8 years old, and he can be so annoying at times, but he is the best and I love him so much. He has the most beautiful blue eyes that he got from our mother. I totally got my big brown eyes from my dad. My dad is from Hawaii, and he always looked tanned just like me. My brother is always pale just like my mother was.

But anyways, I'll move school tomorrow which makes me a little nervous even though it was quite exciting too. I'm really glad that my dad got a job, because we didn't have that many money before, and he will earn alot of money with this job, and it's a job that he really likes, so I'm really glad for him. My relationship with my dad is amazing. It feels like we've become so much closer after my mom passed away. We can tell eachother everything! Or wait, maybe not everything, but we can tell eachother a lot.

"Hey babygirl, don't you think you should get some sleep if you want to be awake for the big day tomorrow" my dad said while giving me a tight hug.

"Yes dad, I will go to bed now, goodnight. I love you".

"I love you too!" He said and closed my door.

I started thinking about what to wear for tomorrow, how I should walk into the new class, should I smile or act cool? All of these thoughts, just because of a new school.

My little brother opened my door really loudly, and jumped onto my bed while giving me a big hug - "goodnight Sarah" he said.

"Goodnight Nick. Sleep tight!"

"Can I please sleep in here tonight?" he asked, while giving me the puppy looking face that I couldn't stand for.

"Uhm... Yeah okay, you can sleep in here tonight".

He put a big smile of his face and picked up his duvet and jumped right into bed. "Goodnight sis".

"Goodnight bro" I said.

Okay, so this will be the first chapter. Do you like it? I really hope you do 
Stay tuned for my next chapter which will be up this week. 

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