Enchanting to meet you

Sarah is a 15 year old girl, who has lost her mother and lives with her dad and little brother Nick. Her dad just got a new job in Los Angeles, so they had to move and Sarah had to move school.


2. Like a Nightmare

I woke up at 6:00am, and went downstairs and then I ate some breakfast. I wanted to make sure that I woke up early, because I wanted to look good today at school. I talked with my little brother while I was eating. He told me that everything would be alright, which helped me a lot.

I went upstairs to my room and took on a pair of tight jeans and a really cute top. I made a ponytale and let my bangs be in my face. I thought it was super annoying to not pin up my bangs, but it looked way better with them down. Then I applied some makeup, even though I was the kind of natural girl. Usually I only use mascara or nothing at all, but today I decided to wear some eyeliner too, which was alot to me. I looked into the mirror, and I felt like I was quite lucky that day. One thing that I really like about my look is my really long and brown hair. It is naturally wavy. A lot of girls with wavy hair wants straight hair, but for me it just felt right, and I actually like it.

"Dad, could you drive me to school please?" I said while searching for him.

"He went to work an hour ago. We have to walk to school" Nick said.

"But he promised to drive us the first day of school! I don't even know how long time it will take us to get to school." I said annoyed.

My brother just starred at me, and then I could tell that he smiled a little bit at me, even though he knew we had to walk to school. I smiled back at him "Okay, are you ready to go to school now?"

"Yes sis, I'm coming" he said while putting his plate into the dishwasher.

We took on our jackets and then we were heading to school. It took us about 10 minutes to go to school so that wasn't bad, but our problem was that we left at 7:54am, so we were late the first day of school! I ran up to the principal who showed me my new class, and while I was standing outside my new class my heart was beating like crazy. The principal opened the door and said "Like I told you a few weeks ago, a new girl will start in the class, and her name is Sarah." I walked into the class and said hi in a really awkward way. I tried to take a look at all of the students in my new class without starring to much. The teacher placed me next to a blonde girl with a pink outfit. She looked at me like I was a rat, and then she asked me why I looked at her. When the teacher was gone everybody came to me "Listen up girl, I am the leader of this school, so don't think that you're something special, okay?" a girl who was the blonde girls friend said to me. I was really confused and I was about to cry, because I felt like everything at this place was so wrong already.

"Sarah, wake up! It's 7:34am. My alarm didn't have any battery this morning, so we have to hurry up a little bit!" my dad said while trying to get me up.

I woke up all sweaty. "Oh my.. It was just a dream" I said quietly to myself. "Yes dad, I'll get ready now, can you drive me and Nick to school today?"

"Yes of course sweety, that's what I promised you", he said while kissing my forehead.

I woke up and got ready really quick. I only got to apply mascara really quick, my hair was messy and I was so tired. I made a sidebraid that ended up looking okay. I were a cardigan, a top, and a pair of black jeans. I finished the outfit with my brown gladiator sandals that I loved!

"Are you guys ready to hit the road? Get out in the car now, and then I'll drive you to school" my dad said while walking out the door.

I picked up a piece of bread on my way out to the car.

While we drove I couldn't stop thinking about my really weird dream. "Dad, I had a crazy dream" I said.

"What was that?" he said while focusing on the road.

"I dreamed that I went to school, and nobody liked me".

My dad looked at me real quick "That is a dream. I promise you that it is a good school, and that it won't be like that when you get there. Dreams can be weird sometimes, and maybe it's just because you imagine the worst things happening."

I knew he was right so I just smiled at him.

"I dreamed that I found some money on the ground, so I could buy alot of toys" my little brother yelled in the back.

My dad and I just looked at eachother with a big smile on our faces. "That's nice son" dad said.

"Yes, and I bought a playstation 3 dad!" Nick said.

I just started laughing, and then the whole family was laughing.

"Sarah, I promise you that this day will be great" my dad said while giving me a hug before me and my brother jumped out of the car.

"I hope so dad, have a nice day" I said and closed the car door.

When Nick and I walked up to the school I could see my dad waving from inside the car. I hugged my brother and told him to have a nice day at school aswell, and then I walked up to the principal who would show me my new class. When the principal opened the door to my new class I felt just like in the dream, my heart was pounding super hard and fast and I was so nervous. It didn't look like in my dream. I could tell that some people were smiling at me.

"Hello, my name is Sarah" I said while standing with my hands behind my back.

"Hello Sarah" most of the students said.

I noticed a really cute guy sitting in the front of the class. He had dark hair, a really beautiful face, pretty eyes, and he looked at me. My teacher asked me to sit in the middle of the class next to a girl with medium lenght dark blonde hair. I couldn't really tell if her hair was really light brown or dark blonde. She smiled at me when I sat down. "Hi Sarah, my name is Emily".

"Hi Emily." I said. I was really happy that it wasn't like in the dream.

Emily grabbed a piece of paper from her back. I could tell that she wrote something and then she fold it together. She pushed it across the table to me. I opened the paper "Where did you live before you moved to L.A? By the way you're really pretty" I read.

"I am from San Diego and thank you so much. You are really pretty too!" I wrote on the paper with a little smiley. I gave her the paper.

I couldn't stop looking at the cute guy in the front of the class, even though the only thing I could see was the back of him. He was the cutest thing ever. I had no idea what his name was.

"So if I asked you where the capital Rom is and you had 5 seconds to think about it, what would the answer be Christina?" the teacher Jane asked one of the students. I tried to remember the students names when the teacher asked them something.

"Isn't Rom the capital in Germany?" Christina said.

"No it's not Christina. This was homework! Didn't you read your homework?"

"No sorry, I forgot it" Christina said while looking at her book on the table.

"Is there someone else who can answer that question?" Jane said.

Emily put her hand in the air - "Yes Emily?"

"The capital Rom is in Italy" she said proudly.

"Yes that's right. Grat job Emily" Jane said.


At the break me and Emily went to the canteen. I didn't have any money, so Emily bought a juice for me. The weather had got better, so we went outside to sit and talk. I could see the cute guy playing basketball with his friends.

Emily noticed my eyes pointing at the guys who played basketball, "Oh girl, who are you crushing on?"

I just laughed, and she smiled back. "So what do you think of the class"? She asked while drinking some of her juice.

I think it's nice, I was so nervous when I had to walk into the class, but it was way better than I expected.

"I've never moved school before, so I can't say that I know the feeling, but I'm glad you think it's nice."

Emily was a skinny girl, with a nice style. She seemed like a girl everybody was friends with. She was kind of popular.

When we had class I could tell that the cute boy turned his head and looked at me, while I was looking at Emily. As soon as I turned my head towards him he turned his head away.

After school I said goodbye to the people from my class, and my dad was waiting for my little brother and me.

My brother told us that his day had been really good, and I had the exact same thing to say. The school was really nice, and the students were kind too!

"That's what I said" my dad said with a big smile on his face. "I am glad that you both have had a great day at school".

"I got a nice friend called Emily. How was your first day at work dad?" I said curious.

"My day has been really good. The people I work with are nice, and it's a great place". He said.

We were all happy.

I was already excited for tomorrow!







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