Dark Fire

There are two kinds of people, there is the nice, reliable, sweet girl. And then theres the bothersome, bittersweet, violent girl. If you had to choose one, you wouldn't be able to, because both girls are kind of a package. In the city of Revolt is a new life for a girl named Rubella Thorn. She has a chance to finally get away from her crazy family. But there is just one problem. She has no means of transportation to get there; because its not in her world so to speak. While witnessing a major tragedy, a wolf pack known as the 'Ice cold' takes Rubella as a guest. Only, one member of the wolf pack; John Fire, sees her as an enemy, but then as the clock turns, John Fire has some other feelings towards her. But he has no idea why. Rubella is lost, until she can find the other piece of the puzzle, something terrible can occur.


2. Surprise Party

I was done. I was just so done with having to deal with my crazy sister Kasey. The year my sister turned 12 years old, I knew our happy go-lucky family didn't exist anymore. It was the day of her 12th birthday, mom and dad woke up early that morning, and so did my 11 year old self to help decorate for the surprise party we were throwing for Kasey. It was 7am on a sunday morning and we were all being as quiet as possible to not wake up Kasey; the lazy sleeper, and Johnson; the innocent little 8 year old. Mom and dad were hanging up streamers down the balcony, and I was tying helium balloons on chairs and on door handles. After i finished with the balloons, I got the blue, killer whale plastic cups and plates out and I started setting them out nicely on the green polka dotted table cloth. After I finished that I was heading down to our basement to go get the final touch. The Ice cream cake in the freezer. 

       I opened the freezer and got a shiver that lasted forever. I quickly grabbed the massive, rectangular, double-fudge ice cream cake out of the freezer, slowly closed the door and ran up the stairs as fast and as agile as possible. I set the cake on the table and brought a knife over for later. As I was going up the stairs back to my room to get changed I heard a bang and a crash coming from Kasey's room. I decided to quietly open her door a crack and see what she was up to. I tip toed over to her door and opened it a sliver, I peeked inside and saw Kasey, on the floor, with a hammer, smashing a picture of our little brother Johnson. I swung the door open and yelled "Kasey! What're you doing!?" Suddenly mom and dad came barging into Kasey's room and they both lunged at her grabbing both of her arms; dad wrenching the hammer out of her hands. I stood there in the door way, in total and complete shock as my sister was being held down, and growling at the smashed photo on the ground. I turned around to see my little brother Johnson standing behind me yawning, asking "whats going on?" I quickly knelt down to Johnson and held him back as he tried to look into Kasey's room and see what was going on. As fast as you could say the word 'birthday' my sister got loose of my mom and dads grip, lunged at Johnson and me, and started to strangle him. 

        "Demon! Demon! Demon!" Kasey was yelling in my little 8 year old brothers face "He's trying to attack us! His picture was attacking me! He can go through objects and attack! Demon!" At that time, I was frozen. I couldn't move, all I could do was sit there next to Kasey on top of my brother and watch as he was slowly running out of air. Ya, I know. Some sister I am right? I was only 11 years old though! How in the world would I be able to take someone I've known my whole life, thats now a psychotic freaky maniac off my blue faced brother if I don't know if she's going to attack me next, thinking I'm a terrorist trying to blow up her princess pillow. 

      My dad finally got up and ran over to Kasey and ripped her off my little brother. I un froze and grabbed Johnson, pulling him to my side. Kasey was fighting my dad on the ground but she finally calmed down when my dad whispered something to her. I'll never know what he said, but she calmed down right away and he took her into her room and shut the door. Till this day I still wonder what my dad said to Kasey, the last time he whispered something to Kasey to calm her down was a week ago, and it always works. At the rate I'm going; which is heading home to figure out this madness, I'm gonna need those words of magic.


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