Dark Fire

There are two kinds of people, there is the nice, reliable, sweet girl. And then theres the bothersome, bittersweet, violent girl. If you had to choose one, you wouldn't be able to, because both girls are kind of a package. In the city of Revolt is a new life for a girl named Rubella Thorn. She has a chance to finally get away from her crazy family. But there is just one problem. She has no means of transportation to get there; because its not in her world so to speak. While witnessing a major tragedy, a wolf pack known as the 'Ice cold' takes Rubella as a guest. Only, one member of the wolf pack; John Fire, sees her as an enemy, but then as the clock turns, John Fire has some other feelings towards her. But he has no idea why. Rubella is lost, until she can find the other piece of the puzzle, something terrible can occur.


1. Runaway

I am officially done with everything, and by everything i mean Kasey. It all started with me running out of the house all because I yelled at my eldest sister Kasey; 16, because she was barging into my room and pushing me around, ripping my drawings. I stormed into the kitchen wearing my white jean shorts and my dark blue tank top with my wavy blonde hair and was crying and screaming. This may sound like over reacting, but trust me; this happens everyday, so it's really not. My sister Kasey has an issue, she's schizophrenic. So it's really difficult on our family, especially when she already tried to kill Johnson once. Kasey's skitzo isn't horribly bad, but its also not the best. Are whole family is still a little scarred from that day, but we've gotten over it.

        Anyway, back to when I'm running through the woods. Oh, and I guess I didn't introduce myself yet, my name is Rubella Thorn. My brother is Johnson Thorn, and then theres my parents, Jason and Julia Thorn. I guess I can't leave out my "brain has already left the station" sister, Kasey Thorn. Ok, sorry I got side tracked. Anyway, I was running through the forest and i was crying and screaming, which was making it hard for me to see. All of the low shrubs were scraping at my feet and ankles since i was only wearing my flip-flops. I kept running, I knew I couldn't stop because if I stopped, I knew I would have the urge to run right back and stop Kasey from doing the chimichanga with a handful of knives going after my family. What I never understood is why my parents didn't put Kasey in a safe house? But i guess it makes sense why they didn't want to. They would feel bad to leave my skitzofranic sister in the hands of some sweet nurses who would probably not even see my sister coming at them with a knife she probably smuggled into the ward. As I kept running, I realized I stopped crying because I was so deep in thought about my sister. Which made me think even more. Am I curious about her, or do I really care about her? I stopped dead in my tracks and saw how far I've been running. I guess I'm not a fast runner, because I can still see my house.

       I eventually decided to turn around and start walking home, because if I can't run farther than the length of a football field, I won't be getting anywhere away from the insane asylum I call my home. Also, If I'm gonna try to run away for like, ever. I'm probably going to have to bring a 'runaway survival kit' along with me. I definitely can't try and buy a chocolate bar with a flip-flop. I started to march home, feeling like crap because I thought I could do anything. It turns out I'm NOT immortal, which in my case sucks. I was almost at my house when I heard a terrible, ear piercing scream. What do you know, it was coming from the same place I was running from.







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