Dark Fire

There are two kinds of people, there is the nice, reliable, sweet girl. And then theres the bothersome, bittersweet, violent girl. If you had to choose one, you wouldn't be able to, because both girls are kind of a package. In the city of Revolt is a new life for a girl named Rubella Thorn. She has a chance to finally get away from her crazy family. But there is just one problem. She has no means of transportation to get there; because its not in her world so to speak. While witnessing a major tragedy, a wolf pack known as the 'Ice cold' takes Rubella as a guest. Only, one member of the wolf pack; John Fire, sees her as an enemy, but then as the clock turns, John Fire has some other feelings towards her. But he has no idea why. Rubella is lost, until she can find the other piece of the puzzle, something terrible can occur.


3. An 'Icy' Meeting

Now that you know my back story on my schizophrenic sister, and how she tried to murder my little brother, it's time to get back to reality. I was almost at the house when I heard another ear piercing scream. I stopped dead in my tracks right at the edge of our back deck. Our house; by the way, is on the edge of a forest, so theres a huge forest that stretches on forever starting at our backyard and then a cute, and quiet neighbourhood starting from our driveway. So everyones yard is a big, spooky adventure. I stepped onto the deck and opened the screen door and walked inside to the kitchen. It was suddenly quiet, like everyone collapsed un-conscious all of a sudden. Uh oh, great I just realized that could've happened, or Kasey could've...crap. I ran around the kitchen island and saw spilled liquid everywhere. It wasn't blood; thank gosh, but it was a transparent blue. Now I'm freaking out. I heard a thump and a boom and it came from the basement. I wasn't too excited about it coming from the basement, because thats where everyone dies in horror movies. 

         I ran down the stairs and stopped by the door to the basement. My mouth dropped. The door had a gouged out hole in it that looked as if someone; or Kasey took an axe to it. I opened the door 




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