they dont know about us <3

a harry styles love story....hope u people enjoy..


1. new beginnings !


about me!

Hey my name is Tori.i was a high schooler. It was my first day at my new school. As my mother had just split from my farther it was a little hard for all of us especially my elder brother Ryan  ..i was new in London in our new school " THE TONG HIGH SCHOOL " i used to stay in New York at first but then we shift to London when my mom &dad i was a song freak i loved listening to songs,it always meant a lot to me.i didn't have any bullying problem in the past because i was thin was a brunette had hazel brown eyes i had also done my photo shoots in the past for magazines.I was a mass media communicator so it was normal for me to met celebrities.Well that's enough of me!

first morning at school

so there i was at the first day of i entered the school i saw some girls who looked familiar to me.i didn't pay that much attention to them then i suddenly bumped into somebody. I dropped all my books. When i looked up to apologizes i could see nothing at all only his half smiling face cuz his eyes were covered with his hair as he bent down to pick up the books that had fallen as he stood up , I quickly said,"i so sorry its my fault i am really clumsy.." he said " its ok  tori "." wait how do u know my name?"."hmmm i saw it on this book label" he said smiling". his smile was really adorable.and would you mind me asking you whats your name? "Max,Max Hudson" he said. "i'll take a leave or i wont make it to the first lecture on time" i said."yeah nobody wants to get late on the first day of school", said Max." True" i i started to walk ahead when Max shouted from behind "Hey which class do you have next?".i said "ummm,maths!"i said."Hey,let's go together he said i have maths to!"he we walked to the maths class "TOGETHER",he was telling me many random things about the school and he was telling me many jokes...."Your quiet funny",i said."thanxx "he said. "your smiles really cute too.."he said touching my cheek .I realized that the whole corridoor was starring  at me it was a wierd situation so we remained quiet the whole class....during maths thats kinda boring.....

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