they dont know about us <3

a harry styles love story....hope u people enjoy..


3. Meeting the boys :D

at my place

as came back & changed into my home clothes my phone rang it was walihya she wanted to know if i could come to her place. i said "sure!when?" 'NOW!' she said i said I'll be there as soon as possible! I said n hung up and ran up to my room to get ready so the first thing that came to my hand was a little pink mini skirt & a white frilly top i wore that with a diamond pendent that my father gave me....on my 13 birthday & was ready...i wore my favorite pink slippers and went to her house..

at walihya's house

as i entered the house, i was in very beautiful and well furnished house,i was welcomed by her mom at the door(damn she was really sweet & friendly) i also met her elder sister Doniya & younger sister Safaa it was really great meeting them....safaa lead me to walihya's room it was really beautiful there were many one direction posters in her i entered in "hey!" said walihya sarooha & asoorha."hey! looks like i'm not alone here !",i said "yep!" they we started to "study"....

after half an hour

damn! this is so borin!, said sarooha. "looks like?" i said..."hmm...ufff" I'm taking a break!"said walihya.i said ,lets finish this last sum and then we are finished with this stuff...'ok' walihya we finished it  then we all sat down to gossip it was really fun....then suddenly from no where Niall came in " looks like you people are having a party over here!"he said.walihya "said sort of"that meant that one direction was in the house downstairs!then came in Zayn " can we join you'll?" ."yep, sure" all of the girls said .then all of a sudden all the boys were in front of my was like unbelievable. then walihya said lukin at me "hey boys there's someone i want you'll to met, ( pointing at me she said) this is tori my new best friend & neighbor. " Hey!" they exclaimed. it was a dream to i shook hands with them they even complimented on me that was beautiful & pretty!time flew by & i got a call from my mother she was worried about where was i i saw the clock it was about 9:00 in the night i had to rush home i said "listen guys my mom's worrying so i have to leave!" suddenly harry said " I'll leave you ". i said "no ,thanks i live next door" "oh come on tori let him leave you!"said walihya "ok" i said.



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