they dont know about us <3

a harry styles love story....hope u people enjoy..


4. i love you!

in front of my house

so here we are i said looking at harry.oh!well,harry said scratching his head can i have your number? harry said. Sure i said.hoe removed his mobile out of his pocket and i gave it to me i gave him my number.

Harry's P.O.V

she is so beautiful i wonder if she likes me i really want to express my feelings to her but i dont know how she feels....if she has a boyfriend should i tell her tonight or should i wait?

Tori's P.O.V

he came to drop my home he asked for my number and i think i love him to..

after a moment of silence he said " did you say something?" "nope"i said why? i asked "because you were staring at me"said harry.i didn't realize that i was literally staring at was awkward.then i said 'i should go now'. ok said harry. so when can i call you?said harry. 'whenever you feel like' i said'.ok! ' he said then i went home i had dinner and went up to my room i had a text from harry!. it said " hey!babe i was wondering would you like to hangout with me tomorrow?. i replied " sure babe just should we meet?" he replied " for lunch then we can catch a movie? i said sure! finally he said " it's a kinda date?". i said "yep! its a date..bye love ya!!'he replied "i love you too babe :D xxx'

so tomorrow was going to be huge day with HARRY STYLES!!


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