they dont know about us <3

a harry styles love story....hope u people enjoy..


2. best friends...

as our maths class ended

as i gathered all my things and was about to walk Max asked me that would i like to join them for lunch i said "Sure".  In the canteen he made me met some of his friends.they were like 6 of them Max introduced me to them he told me their name they were Walihya, Asoorha, Sarooha,Jawaad,Jade & Robbie.they all were quiet friendly. i sat near Walihya, Asoorha & Sarooha no sooner we sat next to each other we all became like best friends.I also came to know that her brother "Zayn" was in one direction.our conversation was like she asked me "who all there in your family?" i was like "um...well me and my mother & my father & brother Ryan..but my parents are divorced,so i sat with my mother & my brother with my father... by the ways who all are there in your family?",i asked.she said " my mom, dad , elder sister Doniya , elder brother Zayn ,me & younger sister Safaa." "wait do you mean Zayn Malik from one direction?!?"i asked,' yeah' she said.' OMG i am a really big fan on them!' we both laughed & i enjoyed school.

going home.....

it was fun but now i was all alone going home, my new house in Bradford city it was spacious and beautiful.As i walked i heard someone call my name it was walihya seemed that we were neighbours too!it was so cool as we walked home we talked about random things we were like best friends.. she promised me to make me meet her whole family & " THE BOYS" it gave me butterfly's in my stomach, i promised her to make her met my family. I also said that i was all alone during the day soo she could come over & we could have fun and do a little the first day of London did not make me feel home sick!.

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