Hi guys in a compaction at hog warts for 1 week! We all love Harry potter right !!!


1. Hogwarts

The train rattled and shook like mad I clutched my seat waved goodbye to my family watch as the train took off the train shook and rattled really hard the girl next to me like she was queen she stuck her nose up in the air and whispered into the other girls ear. I was alone apart from a ginger haired girl her school tag said Hermione she looked at me and put her hand out "Hermione granger" she said shaking my hand politely "this is Ron" she pointed to a boy who had really ginger hair he gave me a smile. And then she pointed to the boy at the end of our trailer he and jet-balck hair and green eyes he had round glasses he was kinda cute "Harry" she said shaking him "hello' I gave a shy wave. He started at me looking at me "wow" he said looking at me smiling "thank you" I said flattered the girl next to me looked at me it was Charlotte brown my worst nightmare "so what is hog warts" I asked trying not to be bothered about Charlotte to much  "well it's a wizardry school" Hermione said I looked at her a little strange "oh your a muggle right?" She said looking at me giggling "a what?" I asked she was just about to tell me when Ron put his hand over her mouth "exposing wizardry" Ron whispered "oh right!" her voice lowered "never mind" she said smiling and looking at me soon the train began to rattle more I was still wondering what Hermione meant about "wizardry" about a hour later  Anglian a girl from the trailer next to us screamed "I saw it"she yelled "settle down students" the train suddenly stopped and the girl stopped screaming. A big fella opened the door his ruffled brown coat looked dirty and his long frizzy beard reached the ground "hadgrad" he said exchanging his huge hand "jade" I said giving out my small hand "we'll jade you must be our exchange studnet" he gave a huge grin and lead me off the train. "Harry take this fine girl to her dorm and give her tour" he smiled at me and winked at Harry. "So what's it like being human?' Harry asked looking deep into my eyes "you are human" I said "oh you must not know" Harry held my hand gently "know what?" I asked looking at little confused "well" then he stopped "lets take you to the mr dumbledoor shall we?" He asked "okay" I said looking straight at him he felt like I had known him forever when I looked at him. "Dumbledoor" there was a faint silence and then a splutter "Harry come in" he yelled "jade Silverman would like to see you" Harry said pushing her in. 

Harry's pov 

All I could hear where her gasps and faint oh my gods she was beautfuil unlike anything I had ever see she made my heart thump when she talked she and balck long hair and green eyes like me she tied it up in a messy bun and her smile light up my world as she stepped out I laughed "so your a and the rest of OMG" she said looking shocked at me she couldn't even finish her speech probley she looked at me and smiled  

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