Hi guys in a compaction at hog warts for 1 week! We all love Harry potter right !!!


2. Dinner

Hermione's pov 


Dinner was served suddenly I sat down and smiled as I saw a big huge buffet and sat down eating and stuffing my face then a familer face appeared it ws dumbledoor he talked into his little wizard microphone "welcome jade" he said pointing towards jade who was also eating but veggies "Hermione" Ron said holding my hands I smiled and held his hand back "I need you to past me the tomato sauce" I looked at him slapped him and ran of "what's wrong with her' I heard Ron say as I left 


jades pov 

Hermione I ran off after her "I know what's wrong"'I said running after her but she gave it all her might and because she was a wizard her feet sprung off the ground so she was like flying she ran down crying to the girls bathroom"Hermione lessons are starting" I shouted to her suddenly I heard a weep but it wasn't hermorine I opened the door and there was a see through girl sat there she floated closer to me "get out of my bathroom" she shouted I backed away slowly "what's your name?" I asked "I am the ghost holdovers Harry potter " "do you know him" she asked coming closer "um no" I said backing away 




sorry cookies short chapter really tired promise I will finish soon oh please comment on LJ mollets stories thanks 

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