Begin Again

Penny Lanterns and Zayn Malik are the couple that everyone would say were meant to be. The couple that everyone loved and cherished. Then, Penny moved to Canada, and Zayn and Penny lost touch. She soon gave birth to a child soon to be known as Jacie Malik. When Penny gets killed in a robbery, and Zayn doesn't know about Jacie or Penny, what will Lily, Penny's best friend and Jacie's legal guardian, do when she runs into Zayn. *~Also on Wattpad by me~*


1. Chapter 1

Lilly's POV

"Jacie! You're going to be late for school!" I shout up the stairs.

A little girl, at the age of 5, with short blonde curls, just like her mother's, dance around her head in pigtails.

"Lily, do I have to go?" She whines, placing her delicate hands on the counter top.

"Jacie, we've talked about this! You need to go to school, so you can get a good education, and get a job when you are older." I say, as I do every morning.

I pick her up, and prop her on my hip. "Let's get you some food, okay?" I ask, setting her on the high, sleek, granite counters. 

She shakes her head, pigtails bouncing. "No! I don't want to eat here?"

I sigh. "Where do you want to eat?" I ask, knowing the answer before she states it.


"Jacie, we can't have McDonald's every morning." I say, pouring her a bowl of Frosted Flakes. 

She crosses her bony arms across her chest. "No!" 

I stare her down. "Jacie. You eat your food right now. Unless you want to be late to school, and you know what that means."

She gulps. She grabs her spoon and starts chugging down the cereal. At her school, if you were late, you got your bunny hopped, as in, a paper bunny with your name on it got moved to the next level, which meant the principal's office. 

The principal was a mean old lady by the name of Mrs. Hartey. 

She finishes and grabs her bag.

She gives me a wide grin. "I'm ready!"

I smile and grab her hand, leading her towards the door. 

I open it, and buckle her into her car seat. 

I slide into the front seat and turn on the car. I drive her to school.

"Ready?" I ask, unbuckling her.


"Nonsense! Look there's Emma!" I say, pointing to her best friend. 

"Emma!" Jacie shouts, jumping out of the car. They run towards each other and hug. They do this everyday, and I would guess it was for dramatic effect.

I laugh and grab her bag.

"Her you go kid. Have a good day." I say, hugging her goodbye. 

"Bye Lily, I love you." She says, running with Emma towards the front door. 

I freeze up, knowing that Jacie was, in fact, not mine. It felt wrong for her to say she loves me, to me, and not Penny. Penny deserves this, not me.

I could feel me eyes watering and I quickly walk back towards my car. Once I get in it, I bang my head against the steering wheel. I see parents staring so I drive out to the parking lot across the road and continue. 

Then, the horn honks. My head shoots up in embarrassment. I look up to see a wide eyed, dark haired boy, about my age. 

I roll down my window. "Sorry!"

"It's alright. Wait. Lily?" He says, walking over to me.

I get a better look at him and gasp. 



I get out of my car and hug him. 

"I thought you were on tour!" I exclaim.

"Yeah we are here for the moment and I needed fresh air."

"Oh, that's awesome!" I say, half excitedly.

"So, where's Penny?" He asks, rubbing his hands together and smiling.

I gulp. I stare at him, frozen from shock. "She's, she's, uh," I stutter. 

"Well?" He prods.

I gulp and look at the ground.

"Zayn, Penny died, 4 years ago."

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