My brother Louis tomlinson (harry styles love story)


2. Starbucks Kiss

I woke up and got up from my duets. Today i had to go to the photograph of one direction. Im finally going to take photos of my own brother and friends.i changed and got my mustache backpack and headed to my black ranger.I got in and started to drive to the studio.

skip car ride

I got out of the car and hurried in. I saw all the guys getting ready for the photos.

I really hope this goes right.


The guys were all ready for the photo shoot

"hey Andy" harry came up to me 

"hey" i said back putting my camera on my neck.

"do you have any plans for the afternoon"

"no i just have to take photos of my four idiot friends and my idiot brother

"HEY"he said

'So do you want to go to starbucks"he said

"yeah sure"

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