My brother Louis tomlinson (harry styles love story)


3. Starbucks Kiss Part 2

When we finished with all the photos, Harry and i went walking to Starbucks since it was close to the studio. Harry oopened the door for me to go in :"well thank you" i said "welcome"he said back

When we finally got to line we started talking about everything that was happening. When it was our turn to order we went to the counter and ordered our drinks. We sat down at a table close to a window. 

"so Sam how are you liking uni"

"great so far"

'hey look over there" harry said pointing to something that was behind me.i turned around and didn't see anything "I don't s-" i started saying but was cut off by some soft lips on mine. Without thinking i kisses back.When we broke apart we were both blushing. "im sorry i didn't mean to i just " he took a deep breath "Sam ive liked you since i meet you, i mean i like you more than friends" he finished "harry ive liked you since i meet you too, and i also would like to be more than friends

"okay then Sam Tomlinson would you like to be my girlfriend" he asked
"yes i would LOVE to be your girlfriend,harry"



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