My brother Louis tomlinson (harry styles love story)


4. One month

Its been a month since Harry asked me to be his girlfriend. Its been a amazing hanging out with the girls and the guys. Today is the day im finally going to be alone with Perrie she is like a sister to me. We planed on going with Danielle and Eleanor but Eleanor was on her modeling job and Danielle is off to Paris to dance for a famous singer.So that just left Perrie and i. I woke up and decided to take a shower. I got the clothes i was going to wear that Harry had bought me. When i was out of the shower and changed i put on my infinity ring and a bracelet that i always put on. I went downstairs not wanting to wake my dog up. I went to the kitchen to make a sandwich to take on the rode and a water bottle. I got into my car after finishing feeding my dog and  getting my purse. I got to the boys house where Perrie was staying. I knocked on the door and it didnt take a second for someone to open it. Harry was standing there as hot as ever.'ANDY!!!!!!" he yelled when he saw me.He crushed me in a hug and finally let mme in and gave me a passionate kiss. "get a room" i heard someone say behind me i looked to see who it was and saw louis "your just jealous you dont have Eleanor here." i said then he stayed quite. Perrie came down like what felt like nothing and we were ready to go.We said our goodbyes and planed to met tonight at the park me and harry always went when he had a break from the tour or studio. We left and got to the mall we shopped what like felt like hours and it was we got to the mall at 8:35 and it is now 8:45 p.m. wow! we went to the park and saw that everyone was waiting for us. They were in the swing sets harry was alone while the others were deep in conversation when harry saw me he jumped up and ran towards me picked me up and spin me around he put me in the ground and kissed me passionate like in the morning.


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