This story is about a group of kids who ran away from there homes because they were sick of there parents. The 2 things they have in common are: They are all trying to stay alive and all there parents are criminals.


10. To soon

Lilly P.O.V:


I don't know if I should leave Drew or stay and help him. I need to find Dallas he's my brother I cant leave him. I have been searching for four days now. Drew's dreams haven't been as bad he has been doing better, but today as we were hunting for game he tripped and his ankle is twisted a swollen. When he's asleep I'm going to have to try and fix it. If I don't he will be walking around with a hurt ankle and that won't be helping anyone. I have been teaching Drew how to fight and defend himself, he sucks at it. I have to keep my hopes up but it's really hard.



Drew P.O.V:


I feel like suicide is the only option at this point. At this point I'm a dead piece of weight, I cant believe Lilly has put up with me this long. I tripped and twisted my ankle, its embarrassing to have the girl you like carry you .5 miles. I really just want to die. My brothers  probably already dead I could meet him up there and besides I would be peaceful. I have a gun in my pocket that I have kept hidden from Lilly. If I kill myself how would Lilly feel? Would she even care? God if you are listening please just let me die. Let me die and let me be with my brother. I don't want to live any further with my life. If I do not die in the next week I will kill myself and that will be the end of me.

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