This story is about a group of kids who ran away from there homes because they were sick of there parents. The 2 things they have in common are: They are all trying to stay alive and all there parents are criminals.


5. memories and Rico



What's your name? the boy didn't answer. Look I know you have a name and it's not Lilly who I'm guessing is your sister. The boy looked up how do you know her name? You were mumbling it when I carried you 4.5 miles here. " Tell me your name first and tell me what you want from me!", screamed the boy. My name is Annabella I'm 16 and I don't want anything from you. You looked like you needed help and you were obviously a runaway. By the way I'm the girl in the picture.




I don't believe you! "Really?", said the girl. She then lifted up her hair and I saw a scar that was bout 5 in. long across her forehead.  All of the sudden I saw all of these flashbacks. Oh my god, your the girl! " Yes I am, what is your name?", said Annabella. Dallas, I'm 15 but I turn 16 in 2 days. We need to find Lilly I don't know where she is and I'm worried sick. She's everything to me she's all I have left to my family if I don't find her my life is seriously over. How many other runaway's are here? "So far there is only one more person besides me and you. His name's Rico he doesn't talk he just uses actions and most of the time he's very violent." I haven't been able to get any answers out of him so far." said Annabella.




Rico's in the gym working out right now. He doesn't like getting distracted so it's just best not to meet him yet. Anyway why were the cops chasing after you? " They were chasing me because they are trying to get answers about my parents and what they did." said Dallas. Oh, what did they do? "They stole hundreds of diamonds, which is worth hundreds and hundreds of dollars.""How about you?", asked Dallas. My parents murdered my little brother and after that happened i just ran far far away from that insane place, that's why you never saw me ever again.




I walked into the hostage room( it's where we testify new runaways.) I don't talk I just act all tough and hope people don't talk to me. I know how to talk and I have talked before but after the accident I haven't talked since. Annabella wants me to talk I know she wants the best for me. I just don't talk. She just introduced me to some guy named Dallas. I don't think I will have a problem with him but you never know. He then went on about some girl named Lilly  his sister and I ran down the hall back to my room A-3  and cried I haven't seen my brother for the past 3 years. I prayed before I went to sleep. Dear Lord, please lead me to my brother he's the only thing that will make me talk again. Amen.





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