This story is about a group of kids who ran away from there homes because they were sick of there parents. The 2 things they have in common are: They are all trying to stay alive and all there parents are criminals.


7. Lilly and Drew



I have been traveling east for 11 days. I sleep on the wet soft ground in a forest every night. It rains a lot so, I always get fresh drinking water. I am warn out and don't know if I should keep going or not. I am running low on crackers. I know I can't let Dallas down, but I have been traveling for such a long time. The next day, I wake up and realize I'm on a running trail. I was woken up by somebody shaking me asking if I need to go to the hospital. I shook my head and ran off, without saying a word. I ran south to get out of the trail. I realized I was in a  rich kid neighborhood. I hated people like this they were all stuck up and full of themselves. I ran straight out of the neighborhood and down this hill. Then, I realized someone was following me.......






She's beautiful and incredible with her thin light brown hair, pale skin, and tiny freckles, she's not from here but neither am I. Where is she going? Please tell me she's heading to shelter, I have been lost for 5 months and 6 days. Should I run up to her? I don't want to scare her. I decided to follow her I'm an idiot. She ducked into a forest area and I ran to catch up with her...........big mistake.





My brother Dallas taught me how to be defensive and a fighter. I noticed the guy from the trail was behind me. He was following me. I turned around and punched him in the face causing his nose to bleed. He was shocked, I finally got a good look at his face he was buff, and had dark hair. I felt kind of bad but I needed to know who he was and why he was following me! "Who are you!" I screamed.  While shaking his shoulders "I'm drew", said the boy weakly. I looked at his clothes he didn't belong here either. "Are you a runaway?", I asked  "Are you part of the F.B.I?", asked Drew "No...... Why?" "I'm running away from them, I've lost my brother I have no clue where he is. "Why are you running?" said Drew. I need to find my brother too, he's all I have left , you can come with me if you want. If you try to kill me I promise you, you will die first is that clear? "Crystal.......What's your name?", asked Drew.  "Jill", I said

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