This story is about a group of kids who ran away from there homes because they were sick of there parents. The 2 things they have in common are: They are all trying to stay alive and all there parents are criminals.


9. days



Days and days have past. In training I have been doing really well. My strongest strength is knife throwing. I'm starting to enjoy it here but it doesn't seem right I'm still missing Lilly. I have been searching for days. A few nights ago I was crying and Annabella came in and calmed me down, I'm starting to really like her. Her dark, brownish, black, curly hair is always in a pony tail and her eyes glow with faith. She's much stronger then she was when she was younger. She's special and vibrant. Rico taught me how to do a right hook, I'm getting pretty good at it but Rico is much much better. Someday he will make it to the ring and take home the gold. He's truly amazing, I just wish he would talk. We have been living off of tater tots, french fries, fish, and game that we hunt. We have also been living off of some grocery store items, only because we have stolen everything from our parents before we took off.  I need to find LIlly she's still my number one.







Rico is Dallas bothering you? Rico shakes his head no. Rico, buddy we are going to find your brother ok. Please don't be mad at me that it's taking this long. I didn't mean for it to take this long but we will find him, I promise.........................tomorrow is a new day. Goodnight Rico

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