This story is about a group of kids who ran away from there homes because they were sick of there parents. The 2 things they have in common are: They are all trying to stay alive and all there parents are criminals.


2. Dallas and Lilly



Shit! there right behind us. Run!!!!...... RUN!!! I scream to my 13 year old sister Lilly. We duck down into a small ally way, listin to me Lilly I'm going to run one way and create a distraction I want you to run the other way and hide do you understand me? No!.... NO! I'm not leaving you! They will catch you and Dallas your all that I have left we can't leave each other now. I will be back I promise. 




Then, he was gone just like that he got up and ran. I have to do what Dallas told me to I can't let him down I have to go now! Pop's always said go North,  but he is a huge disappointment  to my family and  liar so I went east and  I ran far far away from the ally way, my brother, and potentially my life.


Dallas P.O.V:


"stop right there!" said a cop.There are nine cops right behind me. I have to loose them I can't break my promise to Lilly. As I'm running in a serpentine direction, I hear gun fires headed North and I'm praying they didn't catch Lilly. If they caught Lilly my life would pretty much be over she's all I have left and I can't loose her. She's my little sister, and nobody is going to take her away from me. I need to focus the cops are right behind me. I know they won't shoot at me because I'm to valuable they need answers from me. It's all my parents fault for this, for everything. Crap! Ahead of me is a wall 6ft high which I can probably scale over. As I'm about to leap over the wall someone pulls me down and It's not Lilly.



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