Charlotte , just a normal , teenage girl , unnoticed and unpopular , until she sneeks out to a party and runs into 9 month transfer harry , and he was the famous boy everyone wanted . Will he hurt her or stay faithful? while this is happening her friend is in a bit of a love triangle and a scndelous "affair" between her boyfriend louis and love interest niall horan . What will be to come in this crazy year of highschool .



Ok guys im so sorry but i wrote literally an awsome chapter untiil it accidently got deleted . i m sorry but i dont feel like writing that much over again so im just going to ask some questions , What should nialls love intrests name be ? and should he and sam get together ?


heres a sneak peak to tomorrows chapter 




Sams P.O.V 


Niall was pacing back and forth , he was scaring me a bit , alls he did was mumble " i ruined everything , im such and idiot , what have i done " i felt bad , if i hadnt been so determined to sleep with him this wouldnt have happened . 

"ni , your not stupid , its both our faults" ok im not quite good at this comforting thing .

"No its mine" he said defensively .

trying to be as quiet as possible so no one heard us , I muttered out " wait we have all our clothes on , we didnt do anything !" 

I heard him let out a sigh of relief and almost grin . 

But before i could get up to hug him , I felt a blow to my face , a soft , fluffy object flew past me after smacking me straight in the face and following it , a loud groan was let out . 

I peered over the bedside to find louis and liam laying on the ground and a bottle of avil spilt over there blanket . 

" we definently didnt do anything" i yelled laughing , Niall came around the bad to see what i was lauging at and he began to laugh along . 

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