Charlotte , just a normal , teenage girl , unnoticed and unpopular , until she sneeks out to a party and runs into 9 month transfer harry , and he was the famous boy everyone wanted . Will he hurt her or stay faithful? while this is happening her friend is in a bit of a love triangle and a scndelous "affair" between her boyfriend louis and love interest niall horan . What will be to come in this crazy year of highschool .


7. opening up

Harrys P.O.V



We were getting ready to leave , when charolette ran out of her restroom to find some shorts . "Charolette , you having trouble over there ?" i said chuckeling to myself . She ran around the room in underwear scrambling to find shorts , i couldnt help but laugh when she looked down and yelled " SHIT" and wrapped a blanket around her body as she continued to search for bottoms . She fianally pulled out some white abercrombie and fitch shorts and slipped them on and proceded to fing a shirt . She then found a loose hanging plain white top and fount a brown belt , i couldnt help but marvel at her every move . i followed her into the restroom and watched her brush out her wavy long hair with her fingers and braid her bangs back into her hair , she then sprayed some dry shampoo im guessing into her hair , and brush her teeth ,  and put on a few swipes of mascara , which she didnt need at all . We made our way downstairs and she tryed to find her white vans . She was wearing all white except for her belt , which matched her hair . She looked so tan in white and just all in all stunning . i took her hand as we walked to the car , were i opened her door for her as she hopped in leaving louis and sam at her house . We were driving and something sparked in my heart when she took my free hand in hers , allls i could do is smile and turn to face her . " So were are you parents ?" i asked not really thinking anything of it .  i could see her tear up "im sorry , i shouldnt have asked" i said regretting the question.

"No , its fine really" she said smiling a sad smile .

"do you want to talk about it ? im here for you ". i said , she then snapped defensively at me .

" YOUR HERE FOR ME? YOU BARELY FU-- FREAKIN KNOW ME!" she yelled , letting loose of my hand.

"Im sorry , im just trying to get to know you" i said feeling broken hearted . 



Charolettes P.O.V 


i felt my heart drop as harry said he wanted to get to know me . why do i shut people out . i wanted to apologize but something inside me told me not too .  I ignored the feeling and built up the power to say  "im so srry , harry , i really am , its just , you wouldnt car about my personal life" he looked up at me and 

quickly replied " i do want to , i like you alot and i AM here for you" 

i decided to tell him everything that was wracking my mind and started off when i lived in texas .... "When i was in 8th grade my dad was stationed in europe for service and my mom had a huge job offer here , so i moved all the way from my little hometown in California to england . my dad has been gone for 3 years now and my mom is always all over america for celebrity law suits . so i see no point in we moving here , its just im always so lonely and the only person i have is sam , shes my family . last night was crazy and im disapointed in myself , its just that nothing i do is right ...'

"meeting me was right , not choosing to play seven minutes in heaven was right , your amazing , dont forget that charlotte"  he said sweetly smiling .

We talked for about 15 minutes and laughed and had fun being around him . We pulled up to the golfing course and went to the stand to rent some golf sticks , i have no clue what any of this is . I Was walking down some hill after harry until we came up to the little round thingy you put the ball on and harry said " ladies first " . Did he just ask me to go?!? "ummm i cant golf" i spewed out of my mouth. 

He made his way towards me and wrapped his arms around mine and taught me to play . Today , was perfect .




Samanthas P.O.V 


Me and louis found it awkward to be alone at charolettes house so we ended up leaving . He offered to take me to his flat and we could hang out with the boys , i quickly nodded in agreement and we headed to the boys flat . When we arrived we made our way inside . " HEY LAD" 3 boys yelled in sync . But one in particular caught my eye . Niall horan .


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