Charlotte , just a normal , teenage girl , unnoticed and unpopular , until she sneeks out to a party and runs into 9 month transfer harry , and he was the famous boy everyone wanted . Will he hurt her or stay faithful? while this is happening her friend is in a bit of a love triangle and a scndelous "affair" between her boyfriend louis and love interest niall horan . What will be to come in this crazy year of highschool .


4. New view on things

charolette pov




i woke up to big strong arms wrapped around my frail and little body . i had a killer headache and my phone was buzzing with messages . im guessing from sam... oh shit  why is harry in my bed , what the hell ! "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" i screamed and flipped off my bed . Harry peered over and laughed then got up and said "need help" ? i took his hand and sat on my bed , where he sat beside me smiling with his big green eyes sparkeling and almost staring right through me , he was literally perfect , and beautiful. " we didnt do anything did we?...." "NO, I WOULD NEVER TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU LIKE THAT!" he yelled sweetly . "oh good" i got up and looked down and i was just wearing underwear and a shirt . my eyes got wide and i ran to find some sweats and quickly slipped them on .i was actually a bit embarassed and by now in was blushing like an idiot "want some pancakes?" "YES" he said. i grabbed my phone and texted sam 


recipient : samham 

hey can you come over , btw im soooooooooooooooooo sorry i left you :( 


i quickly led harry downstairs and turned on the flat screen , when i got a message . 


from : samham 

to: charolette 


Dont sweat it , i spent the night with louis anyways  ;) and is it ok if i bring him over ? 


recipient : samham 


sure .




samanthas p.o.v 


i woke up on the couch with louis wrapped around me , he was cute when he was sleeping , "wake up sleepy head" i whispered . a immediate grin appeared on his face and he quickly picked me up and said " good morning gorgeous . i laughed . he started to kiss me playfully and i felt my stomach do flips and my heart beat almost 190x faster . he gradually kissed me more passinonantly and it became a makeout session , i felt his tongue on the bottom of my lip asking for entrence , this was my first meaningful kiss , and i loved everybit of it , i was enjoying this romantic moment and it was possibly the highlight of myteenage life when my phone buzzed . such a cockblock . It was charolette . "who is it " louis asked a bit concerened when he saw the annoyance wash over my face . "charolette wants us to come over . "why?" "im guessing she wants my world famous pancakes " i said grinning cheekily . my sister amanda made amazing ones and taught me how to make them and charolette being the person to always eat , and eat ,and eat , always wants them so now my morning is ruined but its ok , as long as i have louis with me im  happy . we made our way out side and he pointed me to a yellow camero and opened the door for me as i got in .we were pulling out of the driveway when he turned on the radio and then my favorite song came on and i know it  . we started obnoxiously singing and yelling the words and dancing in the car . i take it back , this is the highlight of my life . Im falling for this goofball and i think hes falling for me . i couldnt help but laugh and smile the whole way to charolettes but right now in this moment i felt ... in love . 


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