Charlotte , just a normal , teenage girl , unnoticed and unpopular , until she sneeks out to a party and runs into 9 month transfer harry , and he was the famous boy everyone wanted . Will he hurt her or stay faithful? while this is happening her friend is in a bit of a love triangle and a scndelous "affair" between her boyfriend louis and love interest niall horan . What will be to come in this crazy year of highschool .


5. mixed emotions

Charolettes p.o.v.


there we were cuddled up on the couch scrolling through the channels , until we stopped on some chickflick . He seemed to have no problem wacthing the chickflick , which was soo attractive . 

"Soooo , Were do we stand" harry asked , sounding smooth and romantic , yet the question was random.

this question was good , and i was pondering on this ... i muttered up the courage to say " i dont

want to be used, and just left for someone better , so i dont know ." i said looking down at my lap . i could see him staring at me jaw dropped and a bit confused . his eyes were glaring on me burning holes through my skin . Its like he had this overwhelming control over my heart because everytime i see him , my heart beats 1000x faster and i feel like im dreaming because how could a nobody like me have a somebody like him . i just want this feeling to go away , but in a way im starstruck .



Harrys P.o.v 


Did she just say i would hurt her ? I honestly dont know why everyone thinks im going to break their heart . yes i know , ive had one night stands and have used girls , and left them . ok so now i see why she thinks

that . But shes different. And in this moment i sat , jaw dropped , thinking , i need her . i may be to forward but shes like a magnet and i'm the metal , Every ounce of her keeps me coming back for more and i couldn't explain this feeling any better then , just plain butterflys . 'Please give me one chance to prove to you , i wont hurt you , please " i asked almost pleadingly , i wanted her to say yes but the 

words stung as they came out of her mouth . " Why?" she snapped . What was i going to say ?

"Why? Why? because i like you and yes ive flirted with those popular girls because there just , there . But you , your intelligent and non-superficial , something those other girls don't have !" i 

choked out . "Harry those girls will always be there..." she mumbled , i just wanted to hold her and say but your here now and they don't matter but i didn't want to be to forward so i just said " please just give it a chance " she looked up into my eyes , hers fluttered and she grinned and i easily pushed her hair out of her face and just leaned in closed when she nodded a little  , in approval . I pressed my lips to hers and I felt a jolt of electricity migrate throughout my body , im hoping she did to . our lips began to move in sync and it felt almost ... easy . I wrapped my hands in her messy hair and leaned over her , i couldn't shake this feeling that im falling head over heels for this girl i barely started talking to . But ive never felt so nervous while kissing as i am now . i didn't want to mess up , which i normally dont . our kiss became more intense and I could feel her arms wrapped around my neck , When all of a sudden a Bell went off and we both jolted upright a bit frightened . Samantha and Louis were here , and i wanted some damn pancakes .

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